Chapter 71 

Sticking out her tongue, Megan answered, Okay. I know youre afraid that your image will be ruined if someone takes a picture of us. I understand your feelings.” 

The exhibition officially started fifteen minutes later. It first began with showcasing the most fashionable clothes during the spring. The models were all tall and slender, and they demonstrated the elegance of the clothes perfectly. Margaret was an expert in the line, and she could not help but praise the event for having a fantastic quality. After all, it was not odd to expect such an impressive quality from Christophers company

A trace of unhappiness was written on Christophers face when he turned to look at Margaret. How can she be so focused on the fashion exhibition

Margaret did not notice Christophers gaze on her. Instead, she was immersed in the event, with praises flooding the venue. After a short break, the event continued with the wedding dress exhibition. She instantly became more attentive, waiting for her product to shine on the stage. Although she was not involved in manufacturing the final product, she was the one who drafted the design

Time continued to tick on, and the event was coming to an end soon. She was confused as the thought struck her. Since Im not from Christophers company, my design cant be the last display at the show. Is he trolling with me if my design isnt the last to appear

at the scene. A tall and fair model walked up the stage in a wedding dress. Margaret held her breath, noticing the dress was her product, and

noble and elegant without a long train. It was not revealing, similarly to Margaret‘s style of dressing. She even designed white gloves and a veil to match

way too plain to garner Christopher‘s interest. She

and was about to leave, she noticed Megan and Christopher were having a pleasant conversation. Margaret chose to walk away and dropped

front of her. After confirming Megan was not in the car, Margaret only

a lot about his image, especially when they were in public. He would act like he had a very close relationship with Margaret, as she was his “legal wife.” However, things would be different when they were out of the people‘s sight, and Christopher would do whatever he wanted at that time.

Noah asked, “Mr. Lewis, where are we

looked like he

dinner, and it was already eight o‘clock. Her stomach

a short contemplation, Christopher instructed, “Let‘s

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