Chapter 72 

Soon, the dishes were being served to the table. Noah, who stood guard outside the private room, opened the door. Mr. Lewis, Mr. Clark of Halston Corporation wishes to see you,said Noah

Christopher nodded calmly. Then, Zachary walked into the private room with Jodie. He held a wine glass in his hand as he said, Mr. Lewis, I didnt expect to see you here. Its my pleasure to meet you.” 

When Jodie saw Margaret, she stuck out her tongue at the latter. Jodie was forced to stand by Zacharys side to play her role as a good daughter

Margaret smiled and mimicked her expression. Meanwhile, Christopher observed their interactions silently. He could not move his gaze away from Margaret for a long moment

Jodie gave Margaret a meaningful wink, and Margaret finally came back to her senses. She poured some wine into Christophers glass until it was halffull

Christopher raised his glass at Zachary and took a sip of the wine. He nodded slightly in response to Zacharys greetings

Zachary did not stay longer. I shall leave now. Please enjoy your meal,he said

Christophers lips faintly curled as if smiling. Only Margaret knew it was not a smile at all

She was chatting

Jodie with a shushing

so smooth without any hesitation, just

split second. He was reminded


and became slightly nervous.

away as he poured her some wine.

drinks with me... Margaret was bewildered.

two seconds before holding up her wine glass

wine, Christopher asked out of nowhere, “Do you

his birthday before, Margaret tried hard to recall that day‘s date and got the answer in an instant. “Our wedding anniversary?”

up? Only loving couples would talk about wedding anniversaries, so she had never given it a thought. Margaret assumed the sole reason Christopher restrained his temper and treated her nicely was that they

He poured her some

could not hold her liquor well, so she dared not drink too much. She was afraid that she might be out of control afterward, or she would even ruin Christopher‘s good mood. However,

end of the meal, her vision became blurred, and she was half–conscious. Her face was red like an apple waiting to

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