Chapter 73 

All these years, Christopher did not know Margaret had motionsickness

Noah noticed Christopher feeling uncomfortable being blown by the wind and whispered, Mr. Lewis, maybe we should wind the window up.” 

Christopher massaged his temple, his head aching at the cold wind. Just drive the 


When they reached the Lewis residence, Margaret hung herself to Christopher. Elizabeth took a warm towel and followed them to their room upstairs. What happened? Mrs. Lewis normally doesnt drink,she asked in a worrying voice

Christopher did not reply, and Elizabeth immediately took the hint. She handed the towel to him. Mr. Lewis, please take care of Mrs. Lewis. Ill go downstairs.” 

Christopher nodded. He cleaned Margarets face carefully as she raised her chin to cooperate with his movements. Wipe it cleaner. He hates it when its dirty... Quick!” 

a while, a smile forming

only lasted for two seconds before Margaret pushed him away. “I have to remove my make–up,” she murmured. Christopher was amazed

her. There was nothing he could do, so he stood behind and watched her clean her face. The moment her legs gave out, and she almost fell to the ground, Christopher reacted just in time and held her up. “Come, you should get to bed.” His

in as she struggled. “I haven‘t bathed! I need to bathe. You don‘t understand... Christopher is a germaphobe! If I don‘t get

Christopher carried her off the ground and brought her

she demanded, “I want

for Christopher to be so patient. He

not aware of what she was doing. She took off her clothes right in front

filled the bathtub with warm water for Margaret. Before

close distance, he could see her long, curled eyelashes casting a shadow beneath her eyes. He could not stop himself from touching her moist

ticklish on her lips, Margaret frowned and turned her head away. Christopher froze as his expression turned grim. He

back to bed. Watching her face, which looked more mature than when she was a kid, he was deep in his thoughts. No

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