Chapter 7

Did he leave in the middle of the night? Margaret had a strange feeling at the thought of him going out to look for Megan. He was in a good mood, so we had a few more glasses of drinks. Its just that Im not good at drinking, but Im fine, Elizabeth.” 

Margaret did not see Christopher the whole morning. When she went out to buy painting materials in the afternoon, she asked Jodie out for a meetup

They had not spent a great time together since the incident at the hotel. Margaret did not want them to become distant

The two met in a cafe. Margaret was a little curious to see Jodie come alone. Why didnt Jack come with you?” 

Jodie heaved out a sigh before she responded, The incident has become viral on the internet. Of course, hell not have the audacity to come out with me to meet you. Ive been thinking to meet up with you for a long time, but my dad said it was inappropriate, as he was afraid that it would worsen the situation. Hence, I had no choice but to stay at home. Those guys are despicable. They can come up with anything and make up all kinds of nonsense. How immoral they are!” 

Margaret thought shed better explain to clear things out. Jo, theres nothing between Jack and me. What he said is true. He called me out that day to talk about proposing to you, as he wanted to give you a surprise.” 

“Even if you have something with him, I‘ll still choose friendship over love. It‘s fine to give up on a scumbag. After all, I can always get another man. Yet, you‘re unique, and you‘re


not tell how she felt. She wanted to

day just because I wanted to figure out what was going on. I wasn‘t doubting the two of you. However, the sudden arrival of Christopher indeed gave me a shock. What

shook her head. “I don‘t know either.”

he cares a lot about you. I‘ve never seen Jack care

proposal at that moment. “Did Jack propose to you? The

but there was a glint of disappointment in her eyes as she replied, “Yes, we did quarrel, but everything is fine now. As for the marriage proposal... It was put on hold because he thought I didn‘t believe him, and he didn‘t mention it again. Besides, it‘s also not the right timing now due to the current situation in my

not been for Christopher‘s sudden appearance, Jack and Jodie would probably have been engaged. As she was about to speak, Megan‘s flirtatious voice rang out from behind. With an ironic tone, she said, “If I had known you were here, I

“my mother.” Hearing that, Margaret felt

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