Chapter 75 

Hannah was a little annoyed, but she kept her temper under control and remained silent. She had been married to a wealthy family for many years, so she knew that she should not lose her cool in public

Obviously, Margaret would not beg Megan. Why should I beg you? Ive never been taught to give in to an uncultured person throughout nine years of compulsory education. If your mother is not standing right next to you, I would doubt if you have received any family education.” 

Megan flew into a rage upon hearing that. She picked up the coffee on the table and splashed it on Margaret. Jodie hurriedly dragged Margaret behind her, and the coffee that was still warm was splashed on the former

Jodie was instantly triggered and could not care less about the fact that they were in public. She pushed Megan away and yelled, Do it again if you dare!” 

Hannah was taken aback. She could not hold back any longer. Stop it!” 

Naturally, an arrogant person like Megan could not bear being provoked by Jodie. The two thus got into a fight. Hannah felt a surge of anger run through her. Upon noticing that the crowd was watching them, she felt utterly embarrassed. Panicked, she slapped Megans face. I said stop it!” 

Megan was dumbfounded. Only after a few seconds did she cover her face indignantly. Tears

elder sister, so you shouldn‘t be acting unreasonably no matter what. Don‘t you know that what

the one at fault, Megan did not dare to say anything more.

them for a while, but soon, she stopped in her

I‘m not going back!” Megan

did not bother to care about her and left.

cafe, Margaret felt a little guilty and


bully you. It‘s not a big deal to be splashed with coffee, so don‘t feel bad about it. By the way, who were,

did not feel like telling her. Yet, she did not want to hide anything from Jodie. “They are my mother and my half–sister from another father. I haven‘t kept in touch with my mother for so many years, and

you. I can tell that your younger sister is not a good person. Let me know if she ever tries to bully you again. Now, I have to go back to get changed. I‘m

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