Chapter 76 

Jodie did not dare to drive too fast because of the dark surroundings. She was betting on the dimly lit environment for a chance to escape. Even if she had to ditch her car in the parking lot, Jodie might have a chance of stumbling into an elevator

The vehicle behind followed her into the parking lot as she expected. She noticed that the vehicle was a van and reckoned that more than one person was inside the van. She had given up hope on requesting assistance from a passerby because, at that point, only running into a group of people would be helpful for her to escape the predicament

A black Bentley suddenly appeared in front of her car just as she turned a corner. Without having sufficient time to avoid the car, Jodie slammed on the brakes. She shrieked out loud as the two vehicles collided. The van trailing behind her came to a halt as well. Four to five burly men got out of the car, each of them holding a weapon in their hands. It was apparent to Jodie that these men were up to no good

She hurriedly got into the Bentley upon seeing that. Disregarding the man in the drivers seat, she frantically locked the car windows and doors

The few muscular men shouted outside of the Bentley, Get out of the car!” 

Jodie pretended not to hear them. This car is obviously very expensive. I dare them to thrash this car if they are so desperate to get to me

an amused look. “What are you doing, little girl? Are you planning to seduce me after

look at his face, she subconsciously gulped. “I have no other choice. I’ll get beaten to death if I get out of the car now. I

response. “I don‘t need you to compensate me.

not only did Jodie ignore him, she even fastened the seatbelt on the passenger seat and acted as if she would never leave the vehicle. “I don‘t want to! Don‘t think too highly of yourself just because you are slightly rich. Even though I am driving this cheap car now, my family used to own a few of this Bentley in multiple color variants. They were parked inside

not even over thirty years

her “little girl.” Thus far in her life, Jodie had never begged others for

it to her. “All right. You‘ll have to call

ID card before saying sulkily, “Steven Jones... Is that your name? That‘s quite a pretty name. I did not expect you to be so old. Nonetheless, you are too young to

Then he smirked at Jodie. “Call me Dad, then

cursing at him inwardly but was forced to flash a wide grin. “Dad...” Jodie was wise enough to know when to concede. She promised to avenge herself someday

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