Chapter 77 

After making sure that those burly men were no longer a threat to her, Jodie knocked on the car window as a gesture for Steven to unlock the car. 

He picked up his overcoat on the ground, then tossed it back to the ground in disdain, as if he was planning on throwing the outerwear away

Jodie clicked her tongue while getting out of the car and exclaimed, Youre amazing! Even my fathers bodyguard is not as skilled as you. Are you some kind of fighter?

Her flattery did not fool him. Enough with the nonsense. I want you to compensate me with five hundred thousand.” 

She turned cautious at once. Did I take advantage of you or do any unspeakable things to you? Asking five hundred thousand from me is no different from a robbery under broad daylight!” 

He sized her up scornfully for a few seconds before saying, It would cost you at least one hundred million for me to even consider letting you lay a finger on my body. This five hundred thousand includes the compensation for the damage caused to my car and the fee for saving your life. Dont you think that this is worth the money? Arent you going to interrogate them on the reason behind their pursuit?” 

Jodie regained her senses. She grabbed a steel pipe on the floor and pointed it at one of the muscular men before asking, Whats the deal? Why are you doing this to me?” 

being badly beaten up. “We were paid to carry out an order. We did not meet with our employer, but she‘s a woman with an unnaturally shrill and coquettish voice. Give it some

description, Jodie thought of Megan because the latter‘s voice was too distinctive and unforgettable. “D*mn you, Megan Jenkins. How dare you hire someone to trouble me after splashing coffee at me!”

changed slightly after he heard her words. He slid back

expect his sudden change in demeanor. “What‘s the matter? You don‘t want your

car windows, he uttered, “I

amount of money.” 

was ticking her off with his attitude, she complied with his demand because he had undoubtedly rescued her. Jodie activated her car engine and trailed behind him because she could not find the parking lot‘s exit. She immediately headed in the opposite direction after

Jack‘s residence afterward. She felt aggrieved as she recalled how Zachary had hung up her call when she was in such a scary and helpless circumstance

the house upon arriving. Jack was sitting in front of the desk at that moment. He swiftly closed his laptop‘s lid after

his response. “What‘s going on? Do

his arms and said, “It‘s nothing. I‘m just dealing with some work. What happened

her clothes and recounted to him

right. I‘m glad that you‘re

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