Chapter 78 

As expected, he was flipping through a fashion magazine on the couch when she got downstairs

Its time for dinner,Margaret reminded gently

At the sound of that, Christopher put away the magazine and walked into the dining room without a word

Margaret could not help but feel that something was amiss. She recalled how everything was fine when they were at Water Bay Restaurant. Thus, she was confused by the sudden change in his attitude

At the dining table, she asked softly, Whats wrong? Did I do something wrong?” 

In truth, she hoped that they could get along harmoniously. After all, they had been together for so many years. She did not want to hold a hostile attitude toward Christopher

her coldly. “Jenson is coming back

mentioned it before, but she did not take him seriously then. She also had no idea why he would suddenly agree to let Jenson come

a dangerous aura. “No

Margaret did not say anything else because she did not dare to talk about anything that had to do with Jenson in front of him. She then thought about how there was only a week left before it was the

to tell her the same news. Jodie could not hide her excitement at all as she delivered the news over the phone. After all,

Margaret did not feel the same. She had no idea how things would unfold with Jenson back, and she did not want to get her hopes up. “Jo,

surprised. “How did you know? Jenson did mention that you‘ll be the first to know, but he had never even contacted you. I really don‘t

took a deep breath and replied, “Christopher

from Jenson now that you‘re married. You won‘t be able to stay friends

drawing in front of her for a few moments. Then, she tore it off and threw it in the trash can.

turning in bed. She had no idea why she could not sleep. After all, she was used to being alone without Christopher. She

open. She saw Christopher‘s tall figure in the dark, and he

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