Chapter 79 

Christopher froze at her words, and she quickly pushed him aside and got out of bed. She was flushing as she rushed to the bathroom. Finally, she felt a sense of relief when she heard the door banged shut. 

The pain disappeared a few moments later, and she did not have her period as expected. She thought it was strange, as it was around the time when she would have her period. At the same time, she was a little frustrated at herself for pissing Christopher off. Then again, she could not help herself because she was so scared. 

Meanwhile, Christopher‘s car was still in the Lewis residence. That meant that he was still in the house, and he was most probably in the study. 

She recalled that Elizabeth had taken away the extra blanket in the study to do the laundry two days ago. Thus, she brought a blanket over to the study after some hesitation. 

When she got there, the lights were not on. Since she did not have an extra hand, she walked carefully in the dark. As she slowly got used to the darkness, she noticed the figure lying on the couch. She went over slowly and put a blanket on the figure as she said, “You should go back to your room. I‘ll sleep in the guest room.” 

“Get out!” Christopher shouted. 

not know what the future held, but she wanted to get along well with him for as long as she could. Besides that, she sensed that his temper was getting worse ever since they knew about

grabbed onto her wrist. Then, Christopher mocked coldly, “You‘re fine now?”

the next thing she knew, she was pulled

and was very rough due to his anger. He was scarier than he was earlier when they were in bed. Margaret tried to beg but

following day, Margaret woke up in the bedroom. She was clueless about how she ended up back in the



Christopher was drinking coffee in the living room. He wore a casual, light gray attire as he sat on the couch with

breakfast to the dining room. “Mrs. Lewis, hurry

footsteps might have been lighter if it was not for the fact that she was not feeling well.

though they had had an intimate moment the previous night. Still, he was not as cold as he usually was. “Follow me

Well... I‘m just asking so that I can figure out what I

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