Chapter 80 

At the sight of the anticipation in her eyes, Christopher had an unfathomable expression on his face. He nodded

Margaret felt a sense of relief at his approval. She then put on her earrings and said, I‘m ready.” 

He did not reply to her and continued changing his clothes. Before he took off his clothes, she had already turned around with a flushed face, having her back facing him

When they got out of the door, Margaret was wearing a thick coat. Even so, she still felt the cold wind on her skin, which made her tighten the coat around her. She even drew a sharp breath from the cold, and her face fell. 

Christopher stopped in his tracks suddenly and said, You can stay if you dont want to go” 

Margaret shook her head. Its fine. Im not cold. Lets go.” 

then got into the car as soon as she finished her sentence. Meanwhile, Christopher

that moment, Margaret sensed that there was something on Christopher‘s mind. Yet, she could

was not enough space in the church. Thus, it was held on the field outside of the church. It turned out that the bride herself had requested for it

venue was striking upon first look. At the same time, there were all kinds of luxurious cars parked by the road. Then again,

not pay much attention to her looks when she used to hang out with Margaret back then. Thus, Margaret was pleasantly surprised to

was on her mind

then held her dress and walked toward Jodie. Christopher hesitated for a moment as he watched her leave, but he returned to being his cold self

shoulder from behind to

when she saw her. “Meg, why

that I might not be used to this


saw Christopher. “Did you attend of your

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