Chapter 81 

Jodie had already expected Margarets reaction. Lets go, Meg. Ill beär any of the consequences.” 

What consequences? Its just an engagement party. Youre being too dramatic.” Suddenly, Steven and Casper approached them with a glass of champagne in their hands

Jodie was a little flustered at the sight of Steven. She still remembered that he had made her call him Dadin the parking lot the other day. Go away. This is none of your business.” 

Steven glanced at Margaret and said to Jodie, I have no concern about you, but she‘s sort of my sisterinlaw. Dont do anything funny. Its useless.” 

Hes right. Its useless. This is all part of Christophers plan

With that thought in mind, Margaret smiled. Its fine, Jo. So he just wanted to see my reaction. Let it be then.

she could stay home if she didn‘t feel like attending the event. Yet, she thought that she was being ridiculous. After all, he had never been merciful to

her in her tracks and said, “You‘re

frown, “Are you close to them? Don’t worry. Margaret is my elder sister, after all. I won‘t do anything to her. However, I won‘t let the

you want to stir up trouble. Yet, what will Christopher think of you if he sees this? I don‘t think it‘s a good idea for you, the daughter of the Jenkins family, to cause a scene on the

at his words and headed

started his speech. However, Margaret was not listening at all. Instead, she was feeling a little annoyed

feel an urge to cry when she saw Jenson. She thought of how much he had suffered because of her. In three years, the once

in hers and said in a low voice, “Don‘t cry, Meg. Don‘t let the others see your sad

Margaret not cry, but she was smiling. She was worried that her tears would bring bad luck to Jenson‘s marriage, so she

so beautiful, and she was a perfect match for the son of the Swanson family. At that moment,

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