Chapter 82 

Margaret lowered her head and took a deep breath. When she looked up again, her lips were curled into a pleasant smile

The audience was eagerly anticipating a fallout, but she was putting up an act to mask her real emotions

Slowly, she sauntered over and took the microphone from Waverly Gadway, Jensons fiancée. Without looking at Jenson, she said, Im honored to have my work displayed here. As a former friend of yours, I wish you happiness, Jenson.” 

Without warning, Jenson pulled her into a tight and meaningful embrace. I hope youll be happy, too.” 

Waverly was standing right next to them, so she saw the anguish in Jensons eyes. The sight of Jensons anguish was pure torture to her

The hug only lasted for five seconds, and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Margaret returned the microphone to the pastor and headed back to the crowd without looking back

Christophers gaze tracked her every movement. His lips were pursed, and he didnt utter a word

She‘s great

word, Christopher strode toward Margaret. Feeling worried, Steven

a protective manner, she demanded, “Christopher, have you had enough? You‘ve achieved your goal! I was wondering why Meg had to suffer back in primary school despite having you as her brother. Turns out you were

however, bristled and pulled

hard Jodie struggled, she was no match for Steven. The man dragged her away easily. As a result, she bit into his wrist

hilarious. “Are you a

him. “I‘m not a dog, but I don‘t mind turning into one–when I see you. You‘re

explain himself. “All right, then. You can assume whatever you like as long as you‘re

didn‘t show her displeasure or fury before Christopher. She took his arm and said, “I‘d like to go home. Should we leave together? Or should I leave

gazed at her intently. For the first time in his life, he couldn‘t read

mirror, Noah glanced at both icebergs and felt a chill go down his spine. “Mr. and Mrs. Lewis,

nothing, but Christopher responded with

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