Chapter 83 

Elizabeth didnt think much about it and helped her with the food. Youre too weak. Here, have more nourishing food. I told the chef to prepare some nourishing soup. Have more of this.” 

Margaret lost her appetite at the sight of the soup. Right then, her phone rang. She flashed Elizabeth a smile and went aside to answer the call

After Elizabeth went back to the kitchen to resume work, Margaret heaved a sigh of relief. The soup had a fishy smell, so she didnt like it at all. As she didnt want to upset Elizabeth, the only way out was to avoid drinking the soup

On the other end of the line, Jodies dejected voice rang out. Meg, can you keep me company? I‘m in a bad mood now. I feel horrible.” 

Usually, Jodie would only mention the good things and hide the bad news from her. She must be in trouble to call me now to vent her frustrations. Plagued with worry, Margaret asked, What happened, Jo?” 

After a brief silence, Jodie didnt reveal the reason. “I dont feel like saying it. Can you not ask questions? If you cant make it, never mind.” 

Margaret blurted out, Where are you? Ill come meet you now.” 


lip, Margaret stood still stubbornly. I‘m Christopher‘s wife, not someone who he keeps captive. I can go anywhere to meet anyone I like. That‘s

a female friend. I‘ll try my best to come back early. You can choose not to inform Christopher. Even if he finds out, that‘s fine. I‘ll bear the consequences,” she begged.

need to be too strict. “Then try to come back as early as possible. Mr. Lewis might call later, and I can‘t explain

uttered, “Thank

for decades. He never went against Christopher‘s orders. Now that he was willing to help her, she could only offer her

places, for the loud music would make her feel uneasy. She couldn‘t even bring

Margaret couldn‘t see Jodie anywhere. She had to call Jodie to find out where the latter was. It took a few attempts before Jodie answered

Jodie was

to the booth and saw Jodie drinking alone.

away, she demanded, “Jo, why are you drinking? If something happened, you can share it with

“Oh, you sound like my dad. You don‘t look like a girl in her twenties. In fact,

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