Chapter 85 

Margaret felt an incoming headache. She glanced at the steaming bowl of oatmeal porridge and got up to head upstairs

As she thought that Christopher was still asleep, she was surprised to learn that Christopher didnt sleep a wink last night. After he took a shower, he put on his bathrobe and sat before the window the entire night. The covers on the bed remained untouched, so it was obvious that he didnt sleep on the bed last night

Margaret offered him the oatmeal porridge. Have some oatmeal porridge to soothe your stomach.” 

Christopher didnt bother sparing her a glance. Get out.” 

She did not move an inch. Fredrick is currently packing up his stuff. Is there really no room for negotiation?” 

Massaging his glabella, Christopher answered impatiently, Dont make me repeat myself.” 

once, but she made no move

dead, but the materials are nowhere to be found. Jo was in a bad mood, so I went out to comfort her. I insisted on leaving the house, and it has nothing to do with Fredrick. If you want to blame someone, come

glanced at the time before announcing, “You have two minutes to convince me. If you can‘t make me change my mind, my decision will remain the same. Don‘t

in. I‘m your wife! We need to accept the change in our relationship no matter what the cause is. It‘s time for

“First, you should act like a wife. It isn‘t a good habit

was deflated like a balloon, and her shoulders slumped. “I‘m

change the way we deal

just like you used to do back

strode toward the door. At her wit‘s end, Margaret ran over and blocked his path. She stood on her tiptoes and gave his cheek a peck. “It was my fault. Please don‘t be mad

as he was shocked by her action.

like Megan when she acts coy. Despite hating it, I instinctively did it thinking that he

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