Chapter 8

Megan was already feeling frustrated. When she heard Hannah taking Margarets side, she bristled and declared, Remember how you slapped me and stopped me from talking bad about her? Shes just a piece of trash that you discarded, so she isnt even your daughter. Why are you siding with her? Do you feel guilty? You didnt even take care of her as a mother. Theres no need to put up an act!” 

Hannahs expression darkened. Megan, if you say that again, I shall disown you as my daughter!” 

This wasn‘t the first time they had argued over Margaret. Megan refused to continue the fight and exclaimed, Fine, Im not your daughter. She is your daughter, all right?” 

Her expression frosty, Hannah spun on her heels and stalked out of the room before locking Megan inside. Ill only let you out when you calm down so you wont ruin my plan!” 

When Margaret woke up, it was already nighttime. As she seemed drained, Elizabeth dared not wake her up and waited until she woke up herself before giving her a bowl of piping hot seafood stew

The fishy smell of the stew caused Margaret to lose her appetite. Elizabeth, I dont want to eat this. Prepare something that doesnt have a fishy smell. Did Christopher say when hell be back?” 

“No, but he called earlier and asked you to give him a call after you wake up.”

phone out and spotted a missed call from

the middle of a dinner meeting when his phone rang. This time, he glanced at the caller ID and made sure it was Margaret before getting to his feet. He apologized to his guest and went outside to answer the call.

he was busy, Margaret went straight to the topic. “Are you

answering, “The day after tomorrow, I

I get home. If it‘s important, you

Margaret made up her mind. “I‘ll come to

a potbelly joked, “I wonder who‘s the person who made you

slightly. “I‘ve left home a while ago, so my wife misses me. It‘s normal for her to give me a call. Silas, you‘re a henpecked husband, too. Stop

belly and chortled. “Brat, you‘re good with words, huh? I‘m no longer as healthy as I used

feet and went to Christopher, but he pushed his glass away. “Silas, if you can‘t drink, we won‘t drink during dinner. We‘ve worked together for years, so there‘s

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