Chapter 88 

She put her reddened, freezingcold hands into her pockets. I just got here.” 

Her face was flushed red from the cold wind. He wasnt blind, so he obviously wouldnt believe her. Get in the car. Lets head to the hotel first.” 

When they got to the hotel, the first thing Christopher did was take a shower. While he was doing so, Margaret kept thinking about what to say to him. Before she could make up her mind, the bathroom door swung open. He had a bathrobe wrapped around him. He lit a cigarette but only puffed it twice before putting it out again. Whats going on?” 

In a panic, she couldnt bring herself to say anything. Her face was flushed

He picked up the watch he had taken off earlier before showering and fiddled with it. Does this have something to do with Jodie?” 

She nodded. Yes. DDo you think you could help out?” 

a question of whether I can or not. Every business has its ups and downs. Because of this matter, I had to forfeit more than a hundred million in those lost materials. I also have to account for the

materials were supposed to provide for me. I am the biggest victim here. Why should I pity the party who had caused me to suffer a loss? It was the Clark family‘s mistake for losing the materials. As

think about it from their point of view? Tell me how much you‘ve lost in total. I‘ll find a way to

million to pay me? Stop being so naïve and stop putting everything on yourself. You can‘t do it, so I won‘t accept your proposal. This is

any further. It was true that he hadn‘t done anything wrong. With a deep breath, she

palm. With a vague tone, he said, “That‘s not the way you should be helping people. It‘s so suspicious that the person who supposedly stole all the materials just so happened to die in a fire. From what I

solve it, she doubted she had the power to do so either. It wasn‘t that easy

headed toward the door. Christopher looked at the watch in his hand. With a frown, he said, “It‘s late. Just wait for me to finish up my work and we‘ll head back

mood to hang around. “It‘s fine. Jo must feel horrible now. I think I should go spend some

lost his patience. “If you want to see her, then you‘d better be a good girl and stay

no choice, she

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