Chapter 89 

She couldn‘t see what the rest of the message was, but she could already guess what it was about. Megan wanted to come to see him! 

To compare the two, the hatred she had for Christopher was more of a feeling of helplessness, whereas when it came to Hannah and Megan, she simply hated them to the core. 

She suddenly had a very evil thought on her mind. What if I replied to the text for him? However, when she picked up the phone, she realized it was locked. 

She racked her brain. She had seen Christopher use a password somewhere else. Margaret thought that he probably used the same password for everything. 

Deciding to try her luck, she keyed in the passcode. One, zero, two, seven

was unlocked. She texted

phone. Margaret was already expecting this, so she had pre–emptively silenced the phone. When she answered

firm. “Who else? Megan, when I was your age, I never did anything as shameless as seducing someone else‘s man. I can‘t believe your own mother supports this. There really are all kinds of people in this

sighed in relief. She thought that Christopher had actually found someone new. After confirming that he hadn‘t, she scolded, “You‘re the one who can‘t capture his heart. How is it my fault? Christopher excels

her face into the blanket. She tried to lower her voice as much as possible. “Too bad for you but he would never do that. Save your breath. I‘m on a business trip with him, so we‘ll be together for the next two days. You can come and see him if you want. I don‘t mind. It‘s up to him how

Otherwise, he wouldn’t even take a look at


to argue with Megan any longer. Instead, she ended the call.

hand on her waist. “Since when did

phone. He just thought she was going through

she turned over and stammered, “No... I was just looking at the time. I can‘t sleep... As she spoke, she put the phone back

back down, he swiftly put his hands into her shirt. “I’ll –tire you out so you‘ll be

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