Chapter 90 

At eight oclock in the morning, Christopher woke up as per usual. Margaret poured him a glass of warm water. The air is quite dry. Have some water.” 

He slowly peeled his eyes open and looked her up and down before accepting the glass of water. I need to meet with someone today. I want you to come with me.” 

Margaret wanted to tell him that she wasnt feeling well and didnt feel like going outside, but she couldnt bring herself to say it. She knew he didn‘t like to be turned down

While Christopher went out for work, she stayed in the hotel the entire morning. Around noon, Noah drove her to a highend restaurant. As usual, they had booked a private room. Looking out, she could see that the restaurant was bustling with 


When she went in, Christopher was inside with another whitehaired old man. He looked pretty energetic for his age. His clothes were lowkey, but she could tell they were luxurious

is Mr. Moore,” said

being so gentle. Obviously, Christopher really respected this old guy. Hence, she followed

up and down. He smiled warmly and gestured for her to sit down. “No need to be so polite. I‘m a childhood friend of Christopher‘s father. I was

she wasn‘t nervous. She wondered why Christopher would bring her to meet Charles. It made her feel as though she was

on eating her lunch and barely said a few words. She only spoke

feeling a little tipsy. He suddenly asked, “Christopher,

hardened. “What are you talking about? I don‘t have a younger brother.”

your dad... He had a son with another woman. Seeing your reaction, I guess the mother and son have never come looking for you all these years. I‘m surprised they haven‘t made a move yet.”

could sense that the atmosphere was tense, so she set down the fork in her hand. She had never

on about the

Christopher and Margaret helped Charles into his car before returning to their own hotel.

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