Chapter 91

She sneakily stole a glance at Christopher. After making sure he wasn’t paying attention to her, she texted back: Who is this

She received a reply fairly quickly. The message read: Its Jenson. Im at West Haven Cafë. Do you want to come over

Subconsciously, she quickly replied in agreement. As soon as her message was sent out, she deleted it immediately.

She took some time to calm herself down before asking, “Christopher, can I go out to walk around? I’m kind of bored…’

Christopher was focused on what he was doing at hand. He didn’t even raise his head when he replied, “Go ahead. Don’t go too far. I’m sure you’ll feel pressured if I get Noah to tail you, so you can go alone. If you get lost, open your GPS. If you still can’t find your way, then call a taxi. Remember the name of our hotel.”

She was puzzled. How does he know I have a terrible sense of directions? After so many years, the only route she remembered was the way home. Now that they were in Jadeborough, she was like a deer caught in the headlights.

Margaret murmured in agreement and left the hotel. She stopped a passerby to ask for directions to West Haven Café. She was a little troubled when she heard that the café was only two hundred meters away from her hotel.

began to think that it was a bad idea. If Christopher finds out, he‘ll tear me apart...

face mask and lower her head all the

as she stepped in, she received a text from Jenson

filled with warmth as always. It almost seemed

he no longer favored white and instead wore black that day. The black suit he donned elegantly carved out his figure. Colors

more reserved when she went over to sit down. “Uh… How did you recognize me? I’m having

take down her mask. “Even if you become a pile of dust, I’ll still recognize you. What do you want to

head. “Water is fine. I can’t stay for

press her further. Both of them seemed to be consciously avoiding talking about their respective partners. She didn’t want to bring up Christopher, and he didn’t want to

Has Christopher been good

bad to say about him, right?” As she spoke, she looked down and fiddled with her fingers. She could feel Jenson’s intense gaze bearing

seems to think he’s great. I just hope he’s really treating you well; that’s all.” Jenson’s tone seemed to be tinted

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