Chapter 92 

Christopher had a rough guess in his heart. You can say it directly.***

Shes with Jenson.Noah broke out in a cold sweat

Enraged, Christopher slammed his phone on the ground. Margaret always betrays my trust and is always forcing me to take action

It started pouring when Margaret left West Haven Café

There was a new message from Jenson. He texted her: Meg, the future is still long. Dont let me forget you

Margaret did not reply, nor did she know what to reply. Right then, she was feeling down, and her mood was gloomy like the gray, cloudy sky

Margaret got rid of all traces on her phone while she was on the way back to the hotel. She did not do it out of guilt. It was just that she did not want to create more trouble at the moment. Needless to say, she never dated Jenson, and it was impossible for them to get together. She merely hoped that Jenson could be happy

hotel, she stood outside the room to recompose herself. Just as she was about to knock on the door, she heard suggestive moans coming from inside

when she heard that. Her hands froze mid–air, and she did not know whether

Megan. After all, her voice was very distinguishable.

to the sound coming from the room, so she turned to leave. In addition, she texted Christopher: I‘m heading back first.

from the room. Without hesitation, Christopher got off from Megan when he saw the text message. Megan was in a daze,

up a cigarette.

like doing it? How can he lose interest when

point? That made Megan feel

give up. She listed her slender, long legs and rested them on Christopher‘s legs. “Christopher, are you fatigued by your business

as she

flashed across Christopher‘s eyes, and he walked to the window. “You can leave

Megan was dumbstruck and felt indignant. “What? Christopher, I came here in a rush and only got to meet you today. You‘re asking me to leave when I have just arrived. Come on!”

me repeat myself.” Christopher did not even spare her

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