Chapter 93 

Nina Moore, Charlesdaughter, appeared in Christophers mind. The last time they met was when he was seventeen. At that time, Nina was only thirteen years old, and she was not very goodlooking. Christopher changed the topic and stated, Mr. Moore, stop joking around. Ninas personality isnt compatible with mine.” 

Charles smiled without commenting. He had been doing everything he could in the best interests of his daughter. Yet, Charles was unable to find a suitable husband for her

Meanwhile, at a hospital in Dellmoor, Jodie and her mother, Raina Gray, were standing beside Zacharys hospital bed

Their eyebrows were furrowed. After all, they were in a fourperson ward, and the other patientsfamilies had not stopped talking all day. The noise irked Jodie, but she was held back by Raina. They could not afford to stay in a singleperson ward with their current circumstances

Just then, one of the patients family members took away Jodies flask. My dad has soiled his bed. Lend me your water!” 

didn‘t he do it in

this year. He can‘t control his urination and defecation. How could he have the time to go to the toilet? What‘s wrong with using your water? You got your water from the hospital for free. You can just refill it after I‘m done.”

wanted to argue with him but was held back by Raina. “It‘s fine. We can get

fell from the man‘s hand and was dropped to the ground, causing it to

mocked, “How cheap. Why did you

exploded in anger. “No matter how cheap it is, it‘s still

had used for many years. “Here! You

she was disgusted. “You could‘ve fetched the water on your own when you have a flask.

imposing manner before saying, “Who are you calling nuts? Isn‘t it just a flask? I‘ll just give you another flask since I broke yours. Why do you have so much

as she had been a wealthy lady all her life. She shielded Jodie and said, “It‘s fine, Jo. You can go buy a new one. Stop arguing. Your dad won‘t be able to rest well

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