Chapter 94 

Steven quickly let go of his hand and grumbled to himself. Whats wrong with this woman today

Later, he took the elevator up. When he passed by the nursesstation, he approached a nurse and asked, Hows my moms condition today?” 

Upon seeing the man before her, the nurse replied attentively, Her condition is perfect. The doctor will allow her to discharge in a few days.” 

After getting the information he hoped for, Steven thanked the nurse. As he was walking away from the nursesstation, he overheard the chatters among the nurses. It seems that the patient from bed 31 has no money to pay for his hospital bills.” 

Isnt it obvious? Hes bankrupt, after all. I guess he can only wait for death to befall. Ive also heard that he owes people a lot of money. Its a shame to see one of Dellmoors famous jewelry process factories go into bankruptcy.” 

Steven brought his footsteps to a halt. After pondering for a moment, he returned to the nursesstation. May I know if the patient youre talking about is Zachary Clark?” 

The nurse then replied, Yes, hes in our hospital now. He has a heart condition.” 

Steven considered for a moment and asked, “May I know how

checking, the nurse informed, “It‘s around ten thousand now. He has to undergo surgery soon too. The hospital has been postponing it because

I‘ll pay for everything, including the surgery fees. Please make it

to hear that.

smile, he replied, “No. But

when she replied, “Oh... Okay. I‘ll process it for

Margaret was checking through her savings and decided to sell her paintings online. The income from

help Jodie if she had a stable income now. Either way, it was unpredictable that

not alone no matter what happens. Jenson and I will be by your side.

back her tears. With the newly brought flask

was indeed small. Steven was about to leave the hospital when he spotted Jodie, and her pitiful state made

at him and

asked because I care. Regardless, why do you

became increasingly irritated as she stared at the man before her, sobbing. “Why are you here? Are you here for the andrology department? Do you

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