Chapter 95 

With a halfsmile, the nurse replied, He insisted on donating the money anonymously. So, we cant disclose his name. He told us that he knows you. As for other information, please forgive us for not being able to further disclose them to you.” 

A deep frown formed on Jodies forehead. He knows me? I know a lot of people. I cant determine his identity with that one fact. I have an idea, why don‘t you tell me what he looks like and his height? I might be able to make a guess then.” 

As a result of Jodies persuasive skills, the nurse felt compelled to spill everything she knew. Hes quite young and handsome. Hes tall and rich too. Thats all I can tell you. Please stop asking me about him. I might spill everything out if you press for more, and its against the rules to give information about an anonymous donor.” 

Jodie stopped bothering the nurse, but she did not stop thinking about the identity of the donor. Young, handsome, tall, and rich. Most people I know fit the descriptions, but right now, almost none of them would be willing to help. If its Jenson, theres no need for him to donate it anonymously

She immediately thought of Jack when pondering the donors identity. Though Jack would not have such a big sum of money, there was a possibility of him gathering it somewhere else. The nurse would, of course, label him as rich with that amount of money

With that thought in mind, she walked toward the end of the corridor and dialed Jacks number. The phone was left ringing for quite some time when Jack finally answered it. Yes?His voice was flat

grateful for Jack‘s kind actions despite the latter‘s indifferent attitude. “Thank

Upon hearing her, he replied nonchalantly, “What are you

Jack. You paid for my dad‘s hospital fees anonymously, didn‘t you? Why didn‘t you tell me about it? I‘m sorry for neglecting you lately. I‘ve

and instinctively wanted to deny her statement. However, on second thought, he changed

the computer and simply said, “I‘m a little busy now.

midnight. Margaret was already asleep, but

to sleep well, and any slight movement would wake her

door was

remained silent as the sound she heard in Jadeborough‘s hotel room kept ringing in her ears. She did not know why she would be bothered

headed straight to the bathroom after entering the bedroom and immediately left

awake after that. When she headed downstairs for breakfast in the morning, Christopher exited the study at the same time. Though the two saw each other, they

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