Chapter 97 

Inside the restaurant, the three friends were conversing as they enjoyed the food. Suddenly, a person entered the restaurant, 

Jenson spotted the person almost immediately as he was facing the exit. After identifying that person as Waverly, his expression darkened. 

Waverly spotted Jenson when she walked through the door. With her heels tapping the floor, she approached them and jokingly commented, “How could you have no time to spend with your fiancée when you have time for your friends? Jenson, you‘ve hurt me.” 

Jodie, who was in utter shock, bit her fork and shifted her gaze between Jenson and Margaret. Not knowing how to deal with the situation before her, she decided to remain silent. 

With a frown, Jenson asked, “How did you know that I‘m here?” 

Waverly smiled and seated herself next to him. “Will you trust me if I tell you that I saw you when I happened to pass by the restaurant?” 

Jenson did not respond to that. Instead, Margaret asked, “Have you eaten? You can have lunch with us if you don‘t mind.” 

any plans after the meal? I‘m planning to go shopping with Jenson.

first to answer. “I can‘t. I have

“I have to take care of

with a disappointed expression, said, “Well, if so, I

down his fork

her eyes innocently and said, “Why do you eat so little?

made Jodie feel quite comfortable interacting with her. Upon seeing Jenson‘s grim expression,

a bird.

to her food. She was the last to finish her food too. After that, she wiped


it weren‘t because of Jenson, I won‘t touch any of the food here. I almost threw up when I ate the first bite!

check herself in the mirror, and a chilly smile appeared on her face. “I‘ll make you pay for

of the restroom, she even settled the bill. However, before she walked away, she

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