Chapter 99 

Thats absurd! Margaret sneered inwardly before replying, Are you kidding me? I was only eight years old when I joined the Lewis family! At that time, he was already eighteen years old and probably had a few girlfriends before. How would a teenager have feelings for a kid? Moreover, we got married because of what happened three years ago. It would make more sense to say that our marriage is just a show for public relations. Were still together because he knows that there will be tittletattle about our relationship if we divorce. Hes probably taking his revenge on me by forcing me to be stuck in this marriage for my whole life. He hates me to the extent that hes willing to sacrifice the rest of his life to gain revenge. Hence, its ridiculous to say that he likes me!” 

Hearing that, Elizabeth said straightforwardly, Do you really think so? If Mr. Lewis really dedicates his whole life to taking revenge on you, its more like torture to himself. He won‘t even bother to look at you if he truly despises you. If thats the case, he wouldnt have touched you!” 

Elizabeth spoke tactfully but Margaret was aware of the meaning behind her words. In fact, Margaret had noticed Christophers intimate acts toward her a few years back, and without a doubt, his actions made her skeptical about his feelings toward her

Nonetheless, she ruled out such an absurd possibility when she thought of the intense hatred in his gaze whenever he stared at her. Lets not talk about this anymore. I will feel it if he has feelings for me. Unfortunately, all I could feel from him is resentment toward me.” 

Elizabeth breathed out a sigh and fell silent

After a long tiring day, Margaret went to bed early and had a few dreams. Waking up from her slumber, she could not remember anything from her dreams. Instead, all she could feel was her sweaty and sticky body

Margaret went to take a bath and suddenly felt out of breath in the closed bathroom. At first, she

few deep breaths to soothe herself. It was at that moment she

occurred to her. My period is late for about twenty days. Looks like

she blushed slightly and touched her own chest. Well, I can feel my breasts

avail, Margaret started to accept her fate. Without the Lewis family, I guess I‘ll probably starve to

painting had been sold to someone. It‘s been half a month

heaved a breath of relief when she confirmed the order to

of it for herself. That order subsequently gave her hope and motivated her to create more

of the time, and he would only come home once in a while to retrieve some stuff and leave

the latter rushed

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