At Your Disposal, Madam

Chapter 41This is My room. Would You Like to Come in?

At that time Yates did not wake up, and she was too flustered, do not even think about it, now, the day of the kiss, like a slow-motion general, has been in her mind.

Jamie used a disposable cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol to disinfect her.

The alcohol was so irritating that Jane shook her knees with pain and her eyes turned red. She looked like she was in tears.

She was usually most afraid of bleeding and injury. She was not squeamish, but she just can't stand the pain.

Jamie saw her biting the lip, afraid of pain but did not shout out, he felt soft in heart.

The next second, Jane was stunned that Jamie bowed his head, gently blow air toward her knees.

It was gentle, warm and hot.

Jane was completely stunned, frozen in place.

Jamie raised his face, smiled, and put on her two band-aids.

"Now, when you take a bath at night, be careful that the wound doesn't get water. I also have waterproof band-aids. Please ask me for them at night."

Latonia came out from the kitchen, and saw the old lady looking into the study. When she was about to make a sound, the old lady made a catcall posture.

Latonia widened her eyes too.

Jamie was so careful to a girl, gave medicine and blew the wound.

Oh, my god, it was so sweet and made them blush.

When Jane came out of the room, her face was still red.

Dinner was just on the table and ready.

They were the only ones in the family.

Mrs. Lo said, "Jane, everyone is busy these days. When Friday comes, the house will be busy. Let Jamie introduce everyone to you."

Jane felt strange after hearing that, it was like seeing parents.

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