At Your Disposal, Madam

Chapter48 Out of My Way, Sucker

"You're playing well. May I join you?" Fiona gave the soda, but did not leave.

Jamie did not raise his head, “you are noisy, out of here."

Fiona’s eyes turned red, and she looked toward Aaron.

Aaron asked Jane, “Jane, if the soda tastes bad, I will buy milk tea for you."

Jane didn't want to drink Fiona's soda, so she returned the soda and said, "Miss Liang, keep it for yourself."

She turned to Aaron and said, "Aaron, What would you like to drink?"

There are vending machines in the aisles.

Jamie said, “I want mineral water."

"I want a bottle of beer," Seth said.

Aaron said, "I want a bottle of coffee, thank you Jane. Would you like me to go with you?"

Jane smiled sweetly, “No, I will go by myself."

Jamie was playing billiards. When seeing Jane left, he was worried and took a look at her.

Seth was speechless, “Jamie, what are you looking at? Focus, otherwise you will lose."

Jamie really took Jane as a treasure, which could not be out of his sight for a while.

Jane was not familiar with here. After going out, she looked around and found the direction.

Jazz Night was the place that never sleeps. There were very few people in the corridor during the day.

The floor was carpeted and footsteps were barely audible on the steps.

Jane went forward, behind the footsteps followed over, but she did not hear it.

When Jane came to the vending machine, she stood in the same spot, looking at the goods with her bright eyes and pointing at them with her delicate eyes. She read aloud, “Mineral water. Here it is.” She found the brand she liked, and thought that Jamie would like it, too.

She scanned the code, pressed the button, and the mineral water came down.

"Seth wants beer. Why does he drink beer when playing billiards in the day?" Jane thought.

She got Aaron a bottle of coffee and herself a bottle of milk tea.

Jane was going to bend down to pick up, but one hand has picked up the bottle of coffee, it was Fiona’s hand.

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Jane finished speaking, Fiona's face changed, “You! What a girl with a glib tongue! You think you can get carried away when you are with Jamie? When Jamie is tired of you, you

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calmly picked up everything and said, "It's better than someone trying to get into bed

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problem with me? You are not qualified to teach the girl I like, the girl I regard as a treasure. Look at yourself in the mirror!

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drew back. Sandra did not feel embarrassed, but smiled, “Jane, I did not expect that we met in such a way. We haven't seen each other since you were Samuel's fiancee. Now I found you

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