Attracted By My Ex-wife

Chapter 538 Please Stay Away From Me And My Daughter

Kevin and Peter arrived at the place with their men. The two of them looked at each other before scanning the place. Considering the danger they were in, the two men sought help from the police.

"Everyone, be careful!" Kevin reminded.

At first, he only wanted to bring the bodyguards. But since Kim was a cold-blooded murderer, he decided to come with the police. After all, the police could use their power and guns to protect them.

The police officers grabbed their weapons, ready to attack. They, too, knew that Kim was dangerous beyond their comprehension.

"Mr. Kevin, please stay right here. I will quickly go inside with my team." The police captain stepped forward.

Knowing that they had a plan of their own, Kevin and Peter retreated.

The captain waved his hand. Following his cue, a group of policemen gathered around him.

They had taken position around the building for a long time but couldn't find anyone around. It looked like a desolate building.

However, this couldn't be an empty place. They knew that the building was Kim's secret place where he had trapped Colin.

Therefore, everyone had to be cautious now.

The police quickly moved into the building and threw a smoke bomb. But, to their utter dismay, no one walked out.

Kevin and Peter were equally surprised. They couldn't understand what was going in.

The head of the police remained calm. He immediately waved to the other team.

Another group of men jumped into the building, scanning the place with vigilant eyes. They waited for the enemy to attack any time.

However, there was not a trace of human activity in the building.

The place seemed eerily silent.

It was indeed an empty house. The police exchanged quizzical glances.

They continued to proceed with caution because Kim was a cunning fox. He might appear in front of them any time and catch them off guard. But no one else was in the vicinity.

"Captain, this is an empty house!" one of the policemen reported.

The captain was astounded. The information was from a reliable source. He didn't think that the house would be empty. The man quickly turned around and explained the situation to Kevin.

Kevin looked at Peter, wondering what was going on.

"Sir, we have found the hostage, but he has suffered serious injuries. The man is unconscious. Please call the medical team right away. We have to take him to the hospital," said another voice.

The police captain gave his orders right away, and the medical team rushed into the building.

"According to our investigation, this is an empty house. There are no bombs or any weapons here," informed the captain.

Kevin nodded. He had noticed what was going on even before the police informed him.

They hadn't saved Colin from Kim, but the man had decided to send Colin back to them instead.

made sure no one could find him. However, now that he had chosen to let him go,

the building. Peter followed him with a smile on his

been arrogant.

broken finger had dried up. They hadn't bothered to bandage the wound. Colin's finger was infected, and the

they had beaten him up. The bruises all over his body revealed that he had been

I will find you soon. And when I do, I'll make sure you

medical team took Colin to the hospital right away. The doctors made a comprehensive examination to analyze his physical and mental health.

internal injuries in his body. He was in good condition.

this was the best

her that they had found Colin. The

is this your first

this. We didn't expect this to happen, but Colin is safe now. Kim can't hurt anyone now!" Kevin growled angrily.

trust you," Anne replied after taking a deep

won evil. There was no way Kim would escape after hurting so many

Anne was hesitant to share the news with Ella.

be heartbroken to see her father in

went to the hospital that evening. Colin

and not any serious injuries. Why hasn't he woken up yet?" Anne shook her

of pain. He is finally resting, and his subconscious mind is forcing him

that. After a long while, she turned around, sat on the edge of the bed and examined the wounds on Colin's body. She felt sad to see how thin he

are in a safe place, Colin. You are out of danger now. We have saved you from the devil. Why don't you want to wake up? Don't you miss Ella? You will be able to see her only if you

knew that only Ella had the power

Colin refused to move. He was still

video of Ella dancing around and having fun. The little girl was laughing happily.

reverberated across

leaped to

eyes. Confusion settled on his face as he looked around the room.


Colin's body and breathed

the doctor and sat beside Colin.

arrived at the ward with Eddy.

I'm sorry," Anne

looked around before his gaze settled on Anne. The man looked

the Fu Family's residence. But you are injured now. I was worried that Ella might freak out if she sees you

sarcastically. "Ella will be safe only if she leaves your family. Your house is the

heart sank. Her worst

who had collaborated with

Kevin would take care of everything. The couple was responsible for

one could heal his broken finger or the

this to you." Tears streamed down Anne's cheeks. "It's all my fault. I know that I can't reverse the damages regardless of what I do

body grew tense. "I want to

Anne nodded and called Kevin right away.

left home

bed, playing with her doll. Her eyes

you come to take me to him?" Ella

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