Attracted By My Ex-wife

Chapter 541 Be An Obedient Daughter (Part One)

Brandon spent the next two days keeping a watchful eye on Anne. He sat with her at all times and examined her every move. He would follow her even to the lavatory, leaving no chance for her to escape.

Anne sensed the boy's suspicions. She told him that it was impossible to escape from a moving train.

But Brandon grinned and informed her that he would obey Kim's order. He was faithful to his boss and followed his every instruction.

Anne sighed and continued to sleep, sitting on her seat. Brandon was a young boy who loved to talk. He sometimes deliberately started a conversation to break the awkward silence. But Anne wasn't up for chatting; she ignored him. The boy had no choice but to play with his phone.

Anne looked out of the window and closed her eyes as the wind brushed across her face.

'Kevin, I chose this path in the end. I think this is good for all of us and I hope you live a happy life when I am away.

I know you won't let me be with the vindictive man, so I will be waiting for the day you find me and take me back home.'

Meanwhile, Mark finally returned home, putting an end to everyone's worries.

He immediately left for Fu Family's house with Rose.

Kevin couldn't accept the fact that Anne had left him. He locked up in his room, wallowing in sorrow. He neither ate nor slept. Fear and the pain of losing Anne wracked his bones. Hearing Rose's voice, the man finally opened the door.

Rose's eyes widened in shock when she saw Kevin. It looked like the man had aged ten years in one day.

"Kevin, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. Anne had to pay such a heavy price because of me." Plain guilt was written across Mark's face. He couldn't stop blaming himself.

He knew that Kim would go to any lengths to have what he wanted. Therefore, they had to be vigilant at all times. However, despite all their safety measures, Kim stopped their car, knocked out the five bodyguards, and took Mark away.

that he would suffer the same fate as Colin.

returning home did Mark find out what Anne had done. He had been

united after a lot of struggle. But the two had separated again because of

Mark's shoulder. "I'm glad that you are back safe and sound. Then Anne's sacrifice is

and returned to his

and held the door, blocking

face softened when he looked at her eyes, which reminded him of Anne. He couldn't be

any idea how much I miss you? Anne, I cannot live

you haven't eaten anything for an entire day. Anne would be upset if she finds out that you have been ruining your health like this. Moreover, you have three kids. Think

standing aside, looking at the adults in confusion.

affairs and didn't know

idea to deal with Kim. I was too busy plotting a plan that I forgot to eat and sleep. I am

and studied Kevin's face. He didn't look like he was

"All right.

up with a solution?"

He has the ability to sneak out without

to leave me. I don't know what he has said to convince her, but his idea has worked. He seems to have a plan of his own. I feel

would see Kim again

told him that the worst was yet to come.

he warned, staring

"Don't worry. He won't be able to get rid of me soon. Killing

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