Attracted By My Ex-wife

Chapter 543 The Duel

Kevin didn't pay heed to the man's complaint. "How is Anne now?"

Peter yawned and stretched his tired muscles. He squinted his eyes to see the woman and breathed a sigh of relief.

"She's looking out of the window," Peter said crossly, "We haven't gotten off the train yet. What else do you think Anne would do other than sitting in her seat? We still have an hour to reach the station, so please don't waste my time talking over the phone."

He hung up the call, leaving no chance for Kevin to speak.

Peter was tired of following Kevin's commands. The man was freaking out and pressurizing him as well.

Ever since they got on the train, Kevin had been calling him every hour to inquire about Anne.

The man's protectiveness irked Peter. He was a single. Did Kevin specially do this to make him feel envious of their relationship?

He shook his head helplessly and closed his eyes, hoping to get some rest. However, the thumping of footsteps caught his attention. He immediately grew alert and turned around to see who it was.

Peter's gaze settled on a young man, who was staring at him with a sinister smile.

The murderous look on his face revealed that he was a tough guy who had survived death.

Brandon crossed his arms over his chest and continued to glare at Peter.

The boy had somehow managed to find him.

Peter yawned and waved at Brandon. "Wow! What a coincidence. I'm on a business trip to S City. Where are you headed to?"

Brandon snorted and pressed something sharp against Peter's back. The man guessed that it was a knife even without looking at it.

People were barred from carrying a pistol to the train, so Brandon had brought a knife with him.

Peter arched his brows and looked at the boy. "Do you think that you can kill people on a moving train and get away with it?"

Moreover, the knife pressed against him wasn't big enough to kill him. He would probably escape from minor injuries.

"Peter, our boss has warned you not to meddle in our affairs. Have you forgotten that?" Brandon growled menacingly.

"How will I forget your boss's warning? I'm only going on a business trip to S City. I don't think he would have a problem with me doing my job. Meeting you was a pure coincidence. You are the one who is provoking me." Peter shrugged. He wasn't afraid of the boy's threats.

Anne heard the commotion and turned around. Her eyes widened when she saw Peter.

She wondered why he was on the train now.

She narrowed her eyes and saw Brandon threatening Peter with a knife.

Anne sprang to her feet and walked over. Seeing that the boy had pressed a knife against Peter's body, she pulled him aside.

Brandon frowned and was about to push her away. "Did you think that your boss would forgive you if he finds out that you have hurt me? Think about it!"

Brandon revered Kim. Only he had the power to control the young boy.

As expected, Brandon glared at Peter before withdrawing his hand.

to S City. What about you?" Peter greeted Anne, ignoring Brandon.

suppressed her smile that was fighting to escape. Her guess was right:

a coincidence. However, Anne couldn't expose the truth in front of Brandon, so she

City too. I will be staying there for a while.

will be staying in S City for a couple of weeks." Peter grinned. "I'm glad that I have company. Otherwise, the journey would be

the love of her life, who was thousands of miles away

about what had happened and asked him to follow her. Fortunately, Peter had caught the train on time. Anne knew that Kevin would be worried

him for sending

you than with strangers," replied Anne, casting a

face reddened with rage. He snorted and returned to his

Peter before going back

train stopped at S City. Brandon had already arranged a house for Anne to stay. Since Peter was

picked one of

in the bedroom and

around her safe. 'Kim, now that I have fulfilled your wish, will you let go of

arrived at S City with Anne. The man knew that they were staying at the apartment he

would be if you continued to obey my

felt that


Simon and Sally, explaining the reason why Anne had left when he received the call. A frown slipped onto the man's forehead when he

study and closed the door behind him before answering the call.

long time. How are

the man who ruined Anne's peace. He would recognize

the courage to call me," he

Kevin. Call me a coward. But remember that this coward stole

jaw and decided not to argue with him anymore. "Tell me

fighting with you. Why don't we put an end to this once and for all by getting


would make

exactly do you

anything is fine with me. If you want a group fight, we can arrange men for our respective teams. If

than fighting. He spent all his life

his mistakes and understand what a wonderful gift

mind. Kim was desperate to fight.

was the only way to reunite

fight the enemy to live a peaceful

for it

to back out of a fight. Tell me the time and place," Kevin

death situation. He knew that either one of them had to die in the battle. Although Kevin knew how to shoot, he wasn't as good

was a criminal who effortlessly took people's lives. But Kevin was ready to do

didn't care about risking his

After all, he had been waiting for this day for a very long time. "Good! Very good!

See you then," Kevin

scowled when he realized that Kim had hung up the

kilometers away from A City.

enough to pick a desolate place for the

his desk and saw the black bundle lying in a corner. After a moment's hesitation, he picked it up and unraveled the cloth. His eyes lit up at the sight

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