Attracted By My Ex-wife

Chapter 545 The Duel On Mount YS (Part Two)

Peter had been sitting, wide awake, on his bed through the entire night. Yet, he had not come up with a solution. Suddenly, his train of thought had be disrupted by the knock at the door. He could not help but react with such an angry roar to be left alone. But hearing Anne's voice, he was curious.

Kevin had specifically told him not to let Anne in on the duel until it was over. How could he let her know now?

In any case, there was no way to stop him at this point since Anne was here, so far away from him.

Feeling defeated, Peter opened the door after taking a deep, steadying breath. He was met by Anne's anxious gaze.

"Peter, what on earth has happened? Has something happened to Kevin?" Anne asked without wasting any time on niceties.

He really had no choice but to play his part well right now. He put his hand to his forehead as if exasperated. He asked, "Ms. Anne. How could you even think something has gone awry with Kevin? Kevin is safely in A City. What could have happened to him?"

This rhetoric, somewhat mocking question made Anne become speechless. A City was under Kevin's control and he had much influence there. Even if Kim and Kevin had got into an altercation, the latter would not be easily defeated.

Now that she really thought about it, she realized she had let paranoia get the better of her.

A breath of relief escaped her lips, and trying to recompose herself, she awkwardly ran her fingers through her hair and said, "It's lunchtime. Come downstairs and eat. Don't starve yourself."

"I'm not hungry." Peter shook his head and closed the door again.

As she stood in front of the closed door, her face twitched with irritation. But she still wondered what he was trying to hide.

Sneering at the scene, Brandon addressed Anne, "See? He doesn't appreciate your kindness in the least bit."

her, he went back to the table for lunch. With a scowl, Anne went back to eating her food in silence.

in his room, Peter was indeed in a terrible mood. Only something involving Kevin could make him so restless,

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chose to duel him based purely on his marksman skills, he was highly likely to come out second

said he was going to rely on his skill?

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