Avenger's coming back

Chapter 372 Hurting

When they went back home, Eric drove so fast that he almost ran the red light all the way.

After the car stopped, he grabbed the test report, opened the door, got out of the car and walked straight home, ignoring Lily who was in the car.

Seeing this, Lily hurriedly got out of the car and followed him. She knew that Eric was about to explode.

Sure enough, after entering the living room, Eric shouted, "Simon, get out of here!"

Lily was startled by his voice. It was the first time that he had been so hot tempered. Standing not far away from him and watching quietly, it was good for him to vent his anger.

After a while, there was no response at home. Eric shouted again, "Simon, I'll ask you to get out of here!"

This voice was even louder and almost deafening than the previous one. Lily subconsciously shrank her neck, and she could even feel the sound in her ears.

"Why are you so impolite?" Simon didn't come out, but Jade came out, followed by Frank. He looked at Eric unhappily on the second floor, "You shouted loudly downstairs as soon as you came back. Don't you know it's very disturbing? What's more..."

"Shut up!" Eric glared at her angrily, "Simon, if you don't come down, don't wait for me to invite you in person!"

Frank couldn't stand it anymore, "Eric, my father is always your uncle. How can you talk to him in such a tone?"

"It depends on what he has done!" He glared at Frank.

"No matter what he has done, he is your uncle. You shouldn't have spoken to him in such a tone!" Jade said. Although she didn't talk to Simon since she came back, but stayed in his son's house, she was always partial to him.

"Ha ha..." Eric sneered. He didn't want to argue with the mother and son here. When he was about to shout again, Simon came out of his room. His face was not very good, but he looked very calm. "What's the matter?"

"Are you willing to come out?" Looking at him with his sharp black eyes, Eric said coldly, "Get down!"

Simon frowned. He didn't like his tone, but he couldn't help walking down, but not very fast. "Eric, Grandpa just passed away, and we can't afford you to be so noisy at home."

"Yes, Grandpa just passed away." Seeing him walk down the stairs step by step, Eric tightened his grip on the test report on his left hand. The test report was almost crushed by him.

But he said calmly, "I've been curious. When we went out this morning, Grandpa was fine. Why did he suddenly have a heart attack? Simon, do you know the reason?"

Hearing this, Simon suddenly paused. The calm expression on his face was a little cracked, but then he returned to normal and went downstairs step by step.

know, it's an emergency today. When we were in the hospital, didn't the doctor say

he had just finished

smiled coldly. At the moment he stopped, he rushed up quickly, threw a punch, and went straight to the face of Simon. This punch was full of wind, and before the crowd could see how he did it, Simon had been beaten to the ground,

hatred, and then he added another kick. He had practiced martial arts, and quite

several meters away and curled

it weren't for you, how could grandpa suddenly have a relapse? If


stomach with his hands and huddled up. He

at me. I... I'm with Jarvis and Frank… We sent him to the hospital

and stared at Eric.

was so angry that he kicked him again, harder than

howled again,

to her senses and screamed. He rushed downstairs, followed by Frank.

helped him up from the

It hurts." Simon frowned and felt so painful that he couldn't even open his eyes. His left cheek

are badly hurt." Jade raised her head and glared at Eric, "He is your uncle.

Eric growled.


this scene,

when Frank's fist was about to hit him, Eric had already dodged it. He stretched out his hand nimbly and grabbed Frank's wrist with a backhand. With his own strength, he bent his elbow and kicked him to

ground, holding his broken arm and rolling on

ground and said with a cold smile, "Practice your skills before the next sneak

ground in pain and

husband and son were beaten, Jade was so angry that she let go of Simon. She stood up and walked to Eric. She raised her neck and stared at Eric, "Are you going to

leaned forward.

"I don't have the habit of hitting

took a

more fearless. She took a step forward again and said, "Beat me, Eric. What else are you afraid of? You even dare to hurt your uncle and brother.

When he could

hand when he was about


in his heart finally subsided. He loosened his fist

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