AYESHA : The Queen Of Fire

AYESHA : The Queen Of Fire

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Chapter 6

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The future of her kingdom hangs in the darkness.

Ayesha discovered that she has the power to control fire, only then, she knew that some enemies are after her, later marked as a traitor to the kingdom.

Trying to survive in a harsh situation, a man who called himself a savior came to rescue and train her for years.

Only to know that she became the weapon to ignite the battle between the other kingdoms. Abandoned and betrayed by him, Ayesha flee.

With the war becoming more heated and desperate, another man reaches out to her to aid in battle. She seems to hesitate to trust the man from the water kingdom, yet, something tells her that she needs to hold on and help herself to recover and get her revenge.

Deception and mistrust were run rampant between kingdoms.

Could peace and love to be an option, or will revenge, and pride has its full turn?

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