Back in Love

Chapter 304 I'm Waiting For You To Sleep

When grandma was taken back home by Lola, the noise naturally affected Jacob who was ordered to practice.

He leaned against the door and watched.

Lola walked over and patted him on the head. "What are you peeping at? If you don't practice what I taught you well, you can't sleep at night."

Jacob turned around and said unhappily, "I see a guest coming. Who is it, Lola? Why are you so cautious? "

With a faint smile and a little loneliness, Lola said, "It is our grandma."

"Grandma? "

"Yes, do you remember grandma?"

Jacob nodded firmly and said seriously, "Of course I remember. Grandma loves me very much. I miss her too!"

She held his hand and said gently, "Well, let's go to see her, okay?"


Lola took him inside. All kinds of medical equipment and professional medical staff would stay with grandma in the future. She called everyone away, and only the two of them were left in the room.

Jacob walked quickly to his grandma and said in a trembling voice, "Grandma..."

"Don't be afraid, Jacob. Grandma is fine. She is just asleep. She will wake up soon. "

"Soon? How soon?" Jacob murmured to himself.

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Don't waste time. " Then Jacob took her hand and was about to leave.

said, "You are just a kid, what are you talking about? Don't mess around... Stop it.

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to you. Hurry up. Don't waste your time. There's only one day left. If you still can't learn it well, I'll be angry with

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I'm willing to do anything for you! Even if you let me abandon my career, I can do it. I want to give birth to a baby for him. I want to have many children to make you happy...

at grandma's sleeping face and sighed, "In fact, if

to that girl... So far, I haven't dared to ask him what he did with that girl in the amusement park...

"If he hadn't done something, how could that girl fall in love with him wholeheartedly and come to his home to find him? But she is right. It was Jacob

likes her very much! When I found them in the amusement park, they were... Kissing each other? What would happen

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heart beat faster. But she also covered him with the quilt and said, "Lie down quickly, or you will catch a

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