Back in Love

Chapter 306 Make Him Lose Everything

Jacob frowned and looked at Ellie.

Lola thought he was scared, so she held his hands tightly and said, "It's okay. Wait for me." She opened the door and got out.

Jacob wanted to stop her, but it was too late.

She got out of the car and walked up to Ellie. "I really have nothing to say about your lame argument. You don't love him at all! "

"Just because I don't allow him to go to the Gu consortium? You think I don't love him anymore? What about you? How much do you love him? Do you feel satisfied to accompany a six year old child every day? Why don't you try to help him regain his memory? Maybe it's easier for him to remember good memories when he's with me. "

Ellie said confidently, crossing her arms.

Lola shook her head with disdain in her eyes. "You are so ridiculous. If blind self-confidence may make you happy and comfortable, just keep imagining!"

"Lola, you are the one who is blindly confident. Jacob can be better. Why do you have to tie him up to yourself? Why don't you let him go to the hospital and receive treatment? What do you want?"

Lily reminded her in the car, "Lola, it's almost too late. Even if we go there now, I'm afraid it's too late."

"Then let them wait," said Lola with a smile

Ellie frowned and said, "Wait? Do you think they will wait for you? They may have started a long time ago, and maybe Mr. William has already taken that position. "

"What good will it do to you? Or are you a lackey of William now? " Lola said, raising her eyebrows.

Ellie curled her lips in disdain. "When he is down and out, maybe I am the only one who can save him. Don't forget that I have the whole Ye Family behind me! Do you know that when he loses everything, he will definitely want to take it back? What can you do at that time? You are just a helpless orphan... Oh, by the way, maybe you can hook up with a rich man through your identity as a small star. I don't know if he will give you a sum of money to support Jacob... "

"Ellie, everything you said will never happen! He won't lose everything, and I won't be helpless! He is my backer! "

Jacob frowned and wanted to come out, but was stopped by Lola.

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you, even if Jacob loses everything and becomes an ordinary person, Lola will not give up on him! The couple were birds of the same feather, and they wouldn't fly separately in the face of a disaster. If you think their relationship is so fragile, it may be because you don't know love at

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