Back in Love

Chapter 308 A Trick To Deceive Others

"Jacob, don't think the Gu consortium is a place where you can do whatever you want. So many directors are watching! Will we believe that you are not an idiot? Unless you can prove it to me... " After saying that, William threw a stack of documents in front of him and said with a sneer, "This is the project you were responsible for before. We find that there is a big problem, how can you explain it?"

Lola's eyes darkened and she thought, 'Oh no, I haven't talked about this project with Jacob yet!'

They had rehearsed fifty times how to deal with William and Catherine and how to make the board believe him, but they had forgotten this important point!

How could William use this project to test Jacob?

She couldn't help but feel nervous for Jacob. She walked up and said, "Haven't we discussed this project before? I don't think it's necessary to talk about it anymore. Jacob will study it later... "

"Lola, you don't understand. Don't worry. Now that Mr. William wants to know, I'll explain it clearly, lest we have to make a decision at the next meeting! " As Jacob spoke, he opened the folder and pointed at a landmark on it. "The municipal government had planned to build a factory here, and in fact, the news we got was the same, but as far as I know, it's not true! According to reliable information, there will be an entire ecological technology park in the future, which will drive the whole area! So I must take this land. No matter who stops me, it's useless! I've made a decision. If you don't agree, you can go out immediately! "

The domineering Jacob finally showed his power. His sharp and powerful eyes swept through the expressions of everyone, and his whole body exuded a ruthless aura.

Looking at this man, Lola was shocked and her suspicion deepened. She pursed her lips in confusion.

Catherine pointed at Jacob, "You... Stop pretending! I have evidence to prove that you have really become an idiot! "

As Catherine spoke, she took out her phone and played the recording immediately.

The recording was all about Lola's conversation with Jacob, Ellie, Jewel and others!

The conversation revealed the secret.

Trembling with fear, Lola looked at Jacob and suddenly realized that the reason why William and Catherine were so confident was that they had already been on guard!

But where did these recordings come from?

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on earth had betrayed them and set such a

smiled, walked to the side of Lola and put his arm around

ha, you admit it! Just admit it! In fact, you have nowhere to hide, right? " With a smug smile, Catherine

what can it prove? Even if I lost my memory, I'm fine now. I've regained all my memories! The reason why I have been hiding it from others is that I want to pretend to lose memories so that you can relax your vigilance!

held Lola's shoulders and raised his eyebrows with a

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in disbelief. "Why are you still

to have a check! But, Uncle William, I'm afraid you won't be able to change your mind at that time." Saying the last sentence, Jacob walked in front of William and warned

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care of the Gu Consortium. How can you bully your nephew when grandma is in a coma? Grandma will be sad

"Jacob... You didn't... "

corners of his mouth, Jacob nodded and said, "I advise you to stop. Otherwise, you will

to rush forward and say

He must have recovered and be qualified for the work of

the face of William's compromise, Catherine was not reconciled. "How

is clear now. Jacob is still the president of our company. It

end, the meeting ended with the surrender of William.

give up back to his office and closed the door. "Enough! Stop

What the hell are you doing, William? We have done so many things. Why don't

longer! If we stop in time, we still have a way out!

a trembling voice, Catherine

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