"Whose tie clip is this?"

Chloe picked it up and took a closer look. The design was very unique and simple.

She sniffed the platinum tie clip and it had a scent of Armani perfume for men.

Outside the hotel, there were already packed with paparazzi who were waiting to take photos of Chloe.

After She left through the safe passage of the hotel, she made a phone call to Alfred. She sat in a coffee shop while looking at the skyscrapers in the distance.

City was a prosperous international city.

On the electronic screen of the highest international trade building in the city's operating centre, a financial interview of the CEO of the Emperor was playing. It was Aman, the CEO of the top 1 international company in America.

This man had achieved today's business miracle by virtue of his unique vision and frequently caught that Chloe and he had been together in hotels..."This is another rumor that says that Aman is GAY.

The man in the business meeting was wearing a sharp silver-grey suit, and showing three-quarters of his beautiful face. He was showing half of his body, and his thin lips were slightly raised. He exuded the charm of an indifferent noble that made people fall in love with him.

At the bottom corner of the screen, there was his name: Aman, CEO of Emperor.

On the ther side of the open-air cafe shop, several socialites were also talking about it. "I heard that Aman went to the United States last month to attend a rich Chamber of Commerce, and today he returned home. He is indeed the most successful entrepreneur. If only I had the chance to meet him, it would be great. It would be difficult for women not to love him..."

"It's really amazing." Chloe looked up at the man with a forced smile and a slight sigh. ".... If I met you before I met Zayn, maybe I would also fall in love with you."

But that kind of man was completely different from her. She was just an adopted daughter of the Bishop Family... She was totally different from that eye-catching man.

Alfred soon arrived in the driver's car of Bishop Family. He got out of the car and hurried over. "Miss Chloe, are you alright?"

smiled helplessly. "I'm fine. I'm not photographed by the

"Now all the media in the city are paying attention to the things between you and Zayn. It is said that he is still very

on Zayn on their engagement, Zayn's fans probably

good news for her, Chloe did not read online news. "I will be careful, Alfred. I called you out

to celebrities and socialites. At this time, there were not many people. No one

embarrassingly and said, "Miss Chloe, I'm sorry. Master refused to let you go

dad really want to break off the relationship with me?" Chloe remembered what Kate

"Where did you go last

me to


"He loves Kate, and it's not me that he wants to marry. Last night, I left the

slightly. "They drugged me and

found out that even though she was devoted to Zayn, he

my mind was not very clear. I received a phone call from Zayn and left." Chloe recalled the situation last night. "When I woke up today, Zayn said in the press

give up the

the company had been signed for me

actually transferred Chloe's shares to herself? It was really an

why don't you go back to the Bishop Family with me to tell the

my words?" Chloe knew that in order to take away her shares, Kate must have

a car stopped outside the cafe

of the car and glanced at the open cafe nearby. Their eyes were

Miss Chloe Bishop?" The two men walked up to Chloe with files in

am a secretary. Here is a check for Miss

out of this morning? Was it

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