Chloe slapped him in the face. "No matter how hungry and thirsty I am, it's not your turn. I was blind to fall in love with you, you b*stard! I believe in your sweet talk!"

Zayn Ali, such a man with a high status, had never been slapped, let alone be slapped by a woman.

"Damn it!" Zayn returned to his almost twisted face, grabbed Chloe, and held her wrist tightly. "Chloe, you damned woman, how dare you hit me? You are just an adopted daughter of Bishop Family. If you leave Bishop Family, you don't have any background or chips. Do you know what the consequences of angering me will be?"

Chloe was hurt by his pinch. "Zayn, let me go! You don't have the right to touch me again!"

"Not qualified?" Zayn raised Chloe's beautiful face, stroked her lips affectionately with his fingers, and slowly smiled. "When I asked you to come up that night, didn't you prepare to come up and sacrifice yourself happily?"

"You used to say that you wanted to get married and then have sex. It turns out that you have been pretending to be reserved. Don't you think you're cheap?" He got close to her ear. "Tell me, who's that man that night?"

"I have said that you are not qualified to ask him!" She looked at the man who she had loved for two years with tears in her almond eyes, shy and hateful.

"Zayn Ali, you're shameless! Falling in love with you is the most despicable thing I've ever done in my life!"

As expected, a person would not suffer a loss when he or she did not want to. He or she would never know how despicable he or she was!

It was clear that he was with Kate first, but now he came to question her for cheating.

Zayn's face suddenly sank.

"Really?" His gloomy eyes darkened. "Listen to me carefully. If I hadn't mistaken you for Kate before, I wouldn't have looked at you, a lowly adopted daughter like you."

When she heard his words, Chloe felt a sharp pain in her heart. "Zayn, don't go too far!"

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