At dusk, the bell in the church rang through the sky.

The priest in the front who was wearing a priest costume came to the church altar and began to read. "This is the wedding of Mr. Aman and Ms. Chloe Bishop. Mr. Aman and Ms. Chloe Bishop are ready to form a marriage ceremony in front of God. All distinguished guests, please bear witness to this marriage."

Ragib and other well-dressed friends at the ceremonial table applauded symbolically.

In fact, there were only a dozen guests present, because Aman held the wedding suddenly and there were not many friends who had changed into formal clothes.

Through the lens, the priest held the thick Scripture in his hands and asked, "Chloe Bishop, are you willing to marry Aman and be engaged to him? Will you have and hold from this day forward, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better for worse, to love, honor, and cherish, 'til death do you part?"

Chloe clenched her fists tightly.

Chloe, 19 years old, had not graduated from university. In her most beautiful and brilliant youth, she walked into the church of the wedding with a man whom she had known only a few days ago without the witness and blessing of her relatives.

And she had to make a vow in front of God now. She was willing to let this man become her legal husband, to get engaged to him, and to be loyal to him for the rest of her life.

She was going to get married and become someone else's legal wife... What would happen to her in the future?

Zayn Ali's face flashed in front of Chloe. When he pursued her, he said, "Men are all unfaithful, but it depends on his woman. Any man can be loyal when he met a woman he really loves. So other women are no longer important to me because I meet you. I only love you...

But he lied to her... He didn't love her but wanted to make Bishop Limited become a company owned by Ali Enterprises.

Before she dropped out of school, Rob grabbed her hand desperately and said, "Sister, don't marry zayn. I love you!"

Chloe  bit her lip and felt a heart-wrenching pain. At that time, she said, "I'm sorry, but I love Zayn..."

She suddenly hated Zayn for deceiving and exploiting her. If it weren't for him pursuing her, she wouldn't have loved him, and Rob wouldn't have done such a thing to her...

Now, her father in the Bishop family, who always doted on her, also broke the relationship with her and drove her out of the Bishop family...

She had no way but to get married. She had to rely on this nominal marriage.

and sobbed. "I... do." She answered hesitantly,

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distracted," he said in a low voice that only they could hear, "It's not a bad thing for you to

a deep breath, and said

"Yes, I do."

Chloe Bishop and be engaged to him? Will you have and hold from this day forward, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, for

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The kiss of oath?


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burst of laughter from the crowd behind him. Someone said, "I bet Mr. Aman will be distressed with this little wife in the future. Why does he like such a young girl? Did he change his

afternoon, rumor has it that Miss Bishop said Zayn Ali is impotent,

could that man be

immediately fell into silence. Ragib mouth twitched because that person was

he only proposed to let Aman marry Miss Bishop. Who knew that Aman would really marry

of the church, Aman picked up a ring and put it on Chloe's finger. He gently stroked her finger with his thumb. "Will

and lowered her head. "... No, I won't. At least your salary must

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