Ragib and those people were congratulating him for marrying a beautiful little wife. When they heard this, they were stunned. "What? no, President Aman, you suddenly informed us that you were going to hold a wedding. Did you call us over just to take our red packets?"

"Do you think so?" Aman smiled and looked at them.

He was not as cold as usual. The expression on his face was gentle and charming.

However, the more gentle his attitude was, the more terrified the others would be. "This President Aman is trying to squeeze money from us!"

He was clearly the one of the few in the whole country who didn't lack money. What did he mean by being tight-lipped? He was the president of the Emperor.

The others looked at each other. They shook their heads and sighed.

"Hey, President Aman is really cunning."

"When I heard that President Aman is going to get married, I specially refused the contract worth tens of millions of dollars and changed my clothes. I didn't expect that we're going to make a fortune."

"President Aman has always been cunning. We can't defeat him."

"Thank you for coming. I'll invite everyone to dinner tonight." Aman gave full play to the evil nature of the first president of America. He turned to smile at John and said, "John, let my wife accept the money of these few people and report it to me later."

"Yes, President Aman." John immediately reached out to Chloe and said, "Everyone, Young Madam, this way please."

Ragib and others immediately looked in the direction of Chloe.

Chloe was standing outside the church in a white wedding dress, looking at the shining ring in her hand.

When she saw those people coming towards her, she was so scared that she shrank

"What do you want?"

with two fingers. "Miss Chloe Bishop, congratulations, I wish

others also filled the cheques and handed it to her. None of them dared to

congratulations! Rest assured that President

wish you and President Aman a happy new life. May your

was flattered and hugged a pile of cheques totalling a million RMB. Thinking of what she said in

to the housekeeper, who was sent by the Aman family to supervise the wedding, said coldly, "See? I am married. That is my wife. The lawyer will send the marriage certificate to Aman family after

housekeeper of the Aman family bowed. "Okay, Young Master, please take the

a daze, she was at a loss, John came over and

attend the wedding tonight. He is asking you to

group of people who seemed to be extraordinary and shook her head

"I'm not going."

know those people. What was she going

you back first, but you can't go back to your original residence. Apart from Bishop family, the reporter has already found your apartment outside, the Star Garden. Since you are married now, can you move to Mr.

a little nervous.

There's the White Night Palace in Heavenly City and a

the most luxurious mansions in the

even has a

many properties. As expected, he was

to get along with Aman. After a month of being roommate, would it be

sob, "Where is the place where he

and said, "Then it may be

the regal district where the Zayn

sent to Shallow Bay by John and Aman's bodyguard

the Ninth Dragon Villa was because Shallow Bay was divided into nine regions. Each region had a few luxurious residences. If one could buy a villa or a piece of land here, they


palace hall, Chloe stared blankly at the luxurious


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