When she was in her lowest state, she was taken into the wedding hall and promoted to Mrs. Aman. Chloe screamed in her heart to correct her own thoughts!

"Mr. Aman also said." Bucky interrupted her thoughts, "Because Young Madam went to meet Zayn Ali without this consent today, in the future you must report to him about what you are going to do. You will be grounded for a week from today, and can't go anywhere."

"What?" Chloe was shocked. "What do you mean by grounded? I'm not free now that I've married him."

"Young Madam, you just need to remember this once. You can still live your own life during the week. After all, you and Young Master had a marriage agreement before the wedding so you can live your own lives together."

Bucky seemed to know the reason behind her marriage with Aman. "Although the Young Master and Young Madam are secretly engaged and you can live your own life after marriage, your behavior can't bring trouble to each other. In particular, Young Master is a big shot in business. Young Madam, please remember what you do. Don't bring any negative influence onto him."

Chloe snorted. "Does it mean that he can cause me trouble?"

"Young Madam is homeless now, and you reputation has been damaged. You have lost the residence and status... Your life can't be any worse. No matter what, the Young Master won't cause you any inconvenience.

Chloe's head sank--

"That's enough."

Why didn't he say it so directly?

"Besides, Young Master's life is self disciplined. He has no affair with women outside. Young Madam can rest assured about this." Bucky was very proud.

Chloe snorted in her mind. "Even if he doesn't have sex with a woman, it doesn't mean that he won't have sex with a man..."

"Young Madam?" Bucky saw that she was lost in thought. "Remember?"

"Oh, go on." Chloe came to her senses and said, "I see. I'm grounded for a week."

"I'll ask someone to move your things into the Star Garden tomorrow," Bucky said thoughtfully, "and there's one more thing, I've just notified the doctor-"

was shocked. "Doctor? Why do you

servant came in with a female doctor. "Bucky, Young Madam,

Chloe sternly, "Of course, it is to check on Young Madam's health. Young Madam and Young Master's marriage agreement has to be made. You must give birth to a child for Young

changed, and she shrank back into the sofa.

birth to a baby... I am still so

matter between you and the young master, Young Madam." Bucky made a bow, handed Chloe to the doctor, and

and then looked at the female doctor who seemed

"Come on!"

Her teeth were chattering.

held her knees and looked at the doctor with fear. "I don't

I am also a fertility expert. I will definite be able to accurately calculate your ovulation period so that you can have a baby

baby as soon as possible..." Chloe was so

birth to

back to your room. I'll check

the room?" Chloe trembled all over. "I'm

out a medical journal, a record of the female biorhythm cycle, and a pen, then he put on his glasses and said, "Then let's cancel other examinations first. With

the experienced gynecologist, Chloe was

doctor asked, "Madam, may I ask when did you have menstruation last

was frightened. "... Five...

how many days does your menstruation usually

"Seven days."

sitting alone in the big hall, it was already dark outside on Shallow Bay And she was caught in the fear of


was a beep coming from her

from Zoya, who had called Alfred of the Bishop family

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