The phone went silent for a few seconds.

"Ah?" Zoya immediately lowered her voice. "Did you really say that?"

The corners of Chloe 's mouth twitched and she nodded, "... Well, I was very angry. So, that afternoon I went to Shallow Bay and poured hot drinks on his face"

Zoya was stunned.

On her side of the phone, Zoya slowly raised her thumb. "...Great, Chloe, give you a thumbs-up. You need to pay back in kind.

"He failed me first." Chloe pursed her lips and said, "Now it's me who dumped him. It's me who doesn't want Zayn Ali !"

Compared with framing her for having an affair before marriage, she saying that he has poor persistence at least three seconds...

"Ha ha ha ha!" After a moment of shock,zoya burst out laughing again. "No, I'll laugh when I hear you say that. Three seconds, ah ha ha ha, the comments on the Internet are all lit up...

Chloe smiled and looked at the ring on her ring finger. After a while, she said, "Zoya, I can't live in your house. And... I'm married."

The laughter suddenly stopped on the phone.

"Marriage? You're telling the truth? Are you saying that you married him when you sent a message on Moments that afternoon?"

"Mmm." Chloe. "But you don't have to worry. I didn't marry an old guy."

"Chloe, who are you married to? Have you been conned by someone..." Zoya shouted in a hurry, "Did you get a certificate to prove the marriage? The Bishop family, do they know? No kidding."

Chloe smiled and said, "I am not kidding, but... I did it voluntarily."

And a formal wedding was also held.


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doctor was changing the gauze for Zayn Ali, and he was afraid that he would annoy the important figure in Ali Enterprises. "Mr. Ali, look at your wound.

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