Someone in the comment area quickly replied,

[In that case, it means that he and that girl can also do it!]

[What's more, this kind of attack is generally attacking! It's a forceful attack!]


Chloe Bishop blinked her eyes.

Her Weibo account was often used to search for god skin care products and she shared them with online friends.

As a result, there were a lot of female fans!

As soon as the names of a man and a woman were mentioned, the trolls on the Internet seemed to be immediately drooling and flying at a high speed.

[What's wrong? Do you have a photo of a handsome man as your master? Hurry up and post it to let everyone have a good time!]

Chloe replied with her eyebrows twitching, "No... I just want to ask."

She didn't dare to upload photos of Aman to the Internet. If she dared to send private photos of him, then the man would not kill her!

[The Bo Master, did you see a pair of handsome men? Is it beautiful? Does it look like a dog attack? Are they good-looking? Or is it a foreign good-looking man?]

Looking at this bunch of professional words on the Internet, Chloe felt so embarrassed that she started sweating. "I don't know if it's an attack, but it's really beautiful. The cold one is really good-looking. He made an incredible request and forced others to carry it out.

Thinking that she was going to give birth to Aman's child, Chloe gritted her teeth.

Yes, he was wicked!

"Oh, it's the imprisoning king's attack, isn't it?" The netizens were very excited.

"No, I'm not interested in these things. I just want to know if gay men can also have sex with women... What does this mean?" The topic was going too far off track, Chloe drew it back.

[That doesn't prove anything. Either he is so hungry that he wants to have sex with a woman, or he simply likes a woman, or he loves both. What's so strange about that!]

to take

up to the

"It's up to you!"

group of trolls who were like wolves and

would expose the relationship between her and Aman. Maybe the man would come back and force her to be

sighed. "It's not that big of a deal to imprison her.

had nothing to do with him after getting married to Aman's money in


cooperate with the doctor for a physical examination later." Bucky said no more and wrote a number for her. "This is Young Master's number. Young Madam, please

looked at the

She swallowed nervously.

he ask the doctor to give her a physical

she would not be able to

afternoon, Bucky asked his men to move all her things in

Aman returned to the Ninth Dragon

to him today's

The jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels, which was

that Young Master personally

in the cup, and his elegant and brown eyes were as deep as the night. "Van Cleef & Arpels wants to set up a counter in the domestic High-Jiahao Mall. This batch of jewelry was sent by them. When he thought that

"I see."

on?" Aman glanced at the outside of the

study was usually

room and said, "Well, in the afternoon, Young Madam's stuff from Star Garden was moved here. She has a lot of things. She said that the room was to be


was this

was about to leave,

the decor of the studio, Chloe sighed with her hands on her hips. "This sunny room is indeed the most

take a bath

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bumped into

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