In the magnificent hall, Aman looked at the night view of the shallow water outside the window of the Ninth Dragon Villa.

He took his time and made a phone call to John. "John, take the government's bid for the piece of land."

After Aman hung up the phone, the housekeeper looked at him and said, "Master, but didn't you promise Old Master Aman that you wouldn't let a conflict arise between the Emperor Group and the Ali Enterprises as much as possible?"

"Who said that I deliberately cause a conflict between Emperor Group and Ali Enterprises? I won't let Ali Enterprises do it. That is what I promised her before." Aman smiled faintly. His deep brown eyes reflected the wine in his cup, and there was a noble and beautiful cold color.

He wanted to avenge her.

This was what he had promised this woman.

Bucky understood and nodded his head: "That's okay. It's not right to speak up for Young Madam first... After all, Young Madam has no one to rely on except Young Master now."

But for Aman, suppressing any company in the country would be a piece of cake. He never mentioned whether it was for venting his anger for Chloe or not.

It was just that he had promised that woman that he would help her solve the trouble Zayn Ali had caused her.

Of course, he wouldn't let Zayn off the hook!

And this was the land Zayn wanted the most. That night, Chloe went to knock on the door of Aman's bedroom in the middle of the night.

In the silence of midnight, someone knocked on the door five times, and the man inside opened the door with an iceberg-like expression.

"Chloe, I'm warning you here." He looked terrible, completely different from his usual self. "Not a lot of people dare disturb my sleep. There are even fewer people like you who don't care about their own lives!"

Chloe was shocked by him!

"Wait a minute, I have something to tell you..."


coldly. With a bath towel around his waist, he stood in front

at his naked upper body wrapped in a bath towel, Chloe quickly lowered her head with a blush. "Well... I just wanted to tell you that I heard about your sexual orientation issue, but our marriage is not real, it's superficial, so you... you can

a lot of courage to finish this sentence there was probably no one else in

with her in the middle

so, she would suffer a great

his eyes slightly and said, "Look for a man?

Chloe suddenly raised her

a wedding." Aman looked at her coldly from above. "My sexual orientation

boom! boom! boom! The door of the room was slammed shut in

"What a big temper!"

is not gay?

and returned late to the Ninth Dragon Villa. According to their agreement, he didn't go to her

later, the most sensational news in the domestic business circle was

As both companies are national brands, Ali Enterprises has always been strict with Emperor Group in staying out of trouble, and seldom has

of the auction. Mr. Ali didn't

are more than 100 countries that use the Emperor's smart products. In addition to innovation in science and technology, the Emperor Group is also involved in high-end hotels, chain-end hotels, chain-end shopping, and insurance.

Enterprises?" Chloe Bishop's interest

of the Emperor Group, Aman, who

why you placed a high bid for this piece of land at the price of

intention to enter the real

into the elevator in front of the camera. It

bodyguards turned back

environmental protection as the main

John's heart started to

Aman would buy that piece of land for ten billion yuan! On the other side of the camera, the reporters chased after Zayn. In the picture, under the protection of security

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