Aman furrowed his eyebrows slightly. Just when he thought that Chloe Bishop was about to be grounded for a week, the Aman family called...

"What's the matter, Grandpa?" Aman picked up the phone calmly. "If I remember correctly, I have already asked the lawyer to send my marriage certificate back to Bishop family."

"Yes, I did. But didn't you promise me that you wouldn't let any conflict of interest between Emperor Group and Ali Enterprises?" On the other side of the phone, the old man of the Aman family asked, "But today's news seems to be different, isn't it?"

Aman folded his long legs. "I told you that I would try my best..."

It was inevitable, so there was no need to avoid it!

"You are really persistent." The Old Master on the phone laughed and said, "Now Emperor Goup is in your hands. No one can stop you?

Aman was shocked. "Yes."

"You-" Old Master almost became angry, but he held back his anger and said, "Okay, I don't need to ask about it. You can bring my granddaughter-in-law back first!"

"I'm sorry, I'm not free to do that."

Aman immediately hung up the phone.

He married Chloe in order to block the family off. What was the point of bringing her back to the family?

Shallow Bay, the most expensive area in City.

Chloe downloaded a mobile application to show her phone number on the Internet, then happily called Zayn Ali.

"Zayn, today's news was sensational. It's so powerful!" She sat in the luxury villa and laughed. "Did you see your face? It's as black as the bottom of the pot! Hahaha!"

"Chloe?" Zayn, who was on the other side of the phone, was gloomy and horrible. He gnashed his teeth and said to the woman who had disappeared for a week, "How dare you call me? Tell me, where are you?"

I am has nothing to do

where Ali Enterprises had favored for half a year has been robbed

a crack. "Chloe Bishop, listen to me. I'm in a bad mood today.

in a bad mood, aren't you?" Chloe patted her chest.

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a bad mood, I'll be

"Chloe Bishop!"

smiled sweetly. "The best part is yet to

the kitchen to prepare dinner in a good

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golden Rolls-Royce stopped

on winning the land

out of the car. With a luxurious temperament, he was gentle and elegant like a modern noble and walked into the villa

the window of Chloe's room on the second floor of

"She's asleep?" Aman asked.

won the bid for that piece of land today. Young Madam cooked dinner for you in person. Young Master, I've told you that Young

skirt, Chloe

front of the sofa were a few dishes that she had

meal for you. I know that all you did was buy the land that Zayn Ali wanted, but it made me really happy to hear his angry voice! I wanted to say thank you by making

frowned and looked at the plates of "black substance" in front

"Young Master, before you came back, Young Madam... called Zayn." Aman's face immediately cooled down, and his cold voice was commanding, fitting of a leader.

and looked at

dinner that she had

were a superficial married couple-he

then I'll eat!"

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