That night was the first time that Chloe Bishop sat at the table and had dinner together with Aman, after their marriage.

But when she thought of the dinner she made, she lowered her head and didn't dare to say a word during the whole process. She was so embarrassed that she would lose her face in the Pacific Ocean.

Finally, Aman left the dining table and said nonchalantly. "The skirt is quite beautiful, but it would look better with long hair."


Chloe looked up and watched Aman's back as he left the restaurant.

She looked down at her dress and touched her fluffy and light lovely short hair. She was silent for a few seconds.

He liked long hair?

The next day, Aman left the Shallow Bay. He could only stay here at night.

But after a week after marriage, Chloe was finally free!

Before going out, Bucky opened the hood of a lady sports car. "Young Madam, this is the car that Young Master gave you. You can drive it at will, but please remember your pre-wedding agreement."

Chloe opened her eyes wide and looked at the While BMW 7 series in front of her!

The dazzling white body of the car reflected the brilliant light in the sunshine.

So extravagant!

"For... for me?"


Chloe swallowed. He was her legal husband. In fact, she had the right to do anything to what he gave her, didn't she?

Chloe comforted herself because even though she

grew up with the Bishop Family, Mrs. Bishop was neither

cold nor hot, so she had never been too generous.

Unlike Kate Bishop's lifestyle with luxury cars, Chloe

had never bought her own car.

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Martin, Kate, who was sitting in the copilot,

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Kate looked away.

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Chloe stopped the car on the side of the road and took

she looked at the glass window in front of her. "Don't take this road in and out Shallow Bay for the

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discovered your apartment in the Star Garden'. Are you okay?" Alfred was very worried for Chloe. "Don't worry about the Old

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the money that Old Master gave you last time?


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found a job

Cheryl hung up.

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