After that, Chloe Bishop was ready to go shopping. Anyway, she was not short of money now She was going to spend money to experience her Young Madam's life.

Unexpectedly, just as the two of them left the BMW 4S shop, several cars stopped in front of Chloe's car.

Chloe held her breath,"

"Damn it! Who is it?"

Zoya shouted.

Chloe was afraid that it might be someone from Ali Enterprises, so she reached out her hand to reach for her mobile phone... and was ready to call Aman.

Unexpectedly, after several people got out of the car, they came over and knocked on her window politely. "Young Madam, please get off the car."

Chloe immediately recognized that this person was from the Aman family. He had greeted her at the wedding.

After that, these people took Chloe and Zoya to South Lake Park in City.

This was the most popular place in the city for the upper class to enjoy some tea. It was a place for celebrities to gather!

In the South Lake Teahouse, a teahouse with tea culture history of more than sixty years in America.

Inside the teahouse was a luxurious decoration of antiques, which maintained the style of a retro teahouse. It was a place loved by many tea culture lovers and rich people of old age.

Chloe was led in by these people. The old water in the traditional Chinese Tang costume greeted them respectfully. "This way please. That man is waiting inside"

They came to a wing with a curtain in front of them.

An old man was sitting inside.

Young Madam is here. The man who came in with Chloe said to the person behind the curtain

You are Aman's new wife, Chloe, the second daughter of Bishop Family? The old man inside asked Chloe.

Chloe was still looking at the decorations of the most famous tea house in America, sighing about the magnificent decoration inside.

When she heard the voice of the old man on the screen, she came to her senses.

"In the past..."

best to maintain her

the person met her in

what do you mean?

family's adopted daughter. I have been driven

inside immediately

affair between you and the


her forehead. She did not say anything. It was true that things did not turn

been shocked

man inside asked her, "Although

why Aman married you, since he doesn't care about your past, it proves that he has a good impression of

smiled and said,

that Aman is gay as

in her mind, No, not necessarily, perhaps it was

the outside

by marrying you,"the old man inside said, "and he also pretended to marry you

not answer him directly, because how could she tell an outsider about

family who had once appeared at the wedding and said to the person behind the curtain, "May I ask

said, "He represents the Aman family in attending your wedding with Aman. Of course, he also reported the process of

"What do you want

but Aman refused to bring you back

wrong with this

didn't show her obvious

her back to the Aman family? She

your marriage certificate

You don't have to ask who I am in the Aman family, but I can tell you Aman has a very important person in his

there a very important

Aman Family has to eliminate the rumors outside. They can't let

was not gay, she still smiled stiffly and asked, "Who do you think,

he is really like what the rumors say and he is actually gay as his new wife, you, Miss Chloe will go and

never let

corner of Chloe's mouth twitched. "This old gentleman, we

you think I would do such a

Madam , and she still had a salary. She didn't need to care about

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