In the master bedroom.

Aman sat at the front of the French window while holding a piece of paper. Thinking of what Chloe Bishop said just now, he slowed down his speed of drinking.

He picked up the phone and called John. "Go and find out why the old man was looking for Chloe today."

"President Aman, are you saying that Old Master was looking for Young Madam?" John was especially shocked when he heard that.

"It must be him."

Aman smiled faintly and hung up the phone.

He thought of something and habitually opened a photo on his phone.

On the photo, there was a little girl wearing a bowknot and a beautiful blue plaid skirt...

There was a smile on Aman's lips, and the expression on his face became soft. After looking at it for a while, he closed the picture and turned off his mobile phone.

The next day, Chloe made an important decision.

She had to find out Aman's sexual orientation because she didn't want to give birth to a baby. As for whether she could report to the man, she wasn't sure.

It took her a whole morning to make lunch and dress up nicely. She even put on some make-up.

"Young Madam, what are you doing?" Bucky stared at her with wide eyes.

Chloe laughed and stroked her hair charmingly. "I am your Young Madam. Didn't you mention that I came back too late yesterday? I made a love lunch today to have it sent to his company."

Bucky was shocked. "No, Young Madam, you don't have to do that!"

Who would dare to eat the food that you made!

"Why not? Is it wrong for me to care about him so much?" Chloe said, "And I made sure to taste the meal today. Today's meal is completely cooked!"

"Are you sure?" Bucky complained in his heart, "I don't believe it."

he would eat with guests, and sometimes, he would have special food for the

warm him up!" Chloe insisted

behind her, frowned and said,

Madam's love lunch, and it was not

hour later, in the Emperor Group

looked at the building of the first conglomerate group in America,

a large multinational company in front of her. There were a lot of people dressed in suits and leather shoes, as well as

saw her sitting in a BMW 7 Series carrying a lunch box

who are you looking for?" Two powerful

looking for Aman," Chloe

looked at each other. Was she a celebrity or an actress who wanted to get close

there was someone carrying

put a lot of effort

and felt that she looked quite familiar... But they couldn't remember where

would you mind telling me your name? Do

name? Do you still

their hands behind their

the security check, how would she pass the front

sighed and had to call Aman. "Erm... I

guards were trying to figure out who she was calling. After a while, they saw the president's secretary,John, come down immediately. "Miss

comes again, there is no need

two security guards immediately lowered

"Yes, John."


this way please. Next

of the building of the Emperor Group. It

reports for Aman in front

this is America's development report for the

market trend, the Emperor's intelligent X-D, R, and S have covered nearly more than 100 countries, and

President Aman had bid on a few days ago, it can be used to develop a technical business

Empire put down the document and said, "Let's talk about it later." "Yes, President

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