If she didn't brag about this, even if it was not to disgust Aman, she would try to say no!

Bucky looked at Chloe Bishop. "Then... Young Madam, have you tasted the dishes yourself?"

"The dishes?" Chloe thought for a moment and said, "I forgot to taste them. I just taste either the rice or the dishes."

Bucky was speechless.

The maid said, "Young Madam, Young Master is back."

Bucky turned around and hurriedly went out to welcome him.

Aman walked through the front door of the Ninth Dragon Villa, he cast a cold glance at Bucky. He was still immersed in the unforgettable taste of Chloe's "dark substance" from lunch earlier.

"Young Master, please don't be angry." Bucky said with courage, "I told Young Madam at noon that she didn't need to cook, but she said that she would go to the company to share you her warmth!"

Aman suddenly stopped, and a cold smile appeared on his lips. "Warmth? Remember to send it to me next time. I'll eat it myself on the way."

Bucky did not dare to say another word.

"What is Chloe doing now?" Aman asked coldly again.

..Young Madam, she's in the kitchen now."

Aman's face froze, and he immediately walked In the kitchen.


A carrot rolled to the ground, which was not obedient.

The cook immediately rushed up with fear and said, "Young Madam, we told you that we would do it for you..."

A big hand behind the cook reached out, grabbed the cook's hand, and threw him backward. "Get out of my way."

"Young Master?" The chef looked at Aman in shock.

As soon as Chloe saw her bleeding hand, she looked up and saw Aman. "You..."

Aman looked at her hand, which didn't bleed much, and it lasted for three seconds.

At this time, several ways to solve it flashed through his mind, including directly cursing Chloe.

Don't mess with other people's jobs. Do you have nothing else

at Chloe, who was wearing an apron with her hair tied up, she looked like a lovely

took a deep breath and said to the others in an

him in surprise. Bucky immediately gave him the first aid kit and

and gently bandaged it on Chloe's finger. Chloe looked at his gentle look with her

what she was


gently looked at Chloe's blushing face. "You little fool, why did you cut your hand? This is what the

"Little fool?"

was in a fit of

the cooks' business to cook. You don't have

"... Then, was

He said softly, "Promise me that you will not enter the kitchen in the future. Even

and the two maids, as well

feet to the top of

he care so much about her all

at her. "Is

Chloe nodded mechanically.

her head and listened to Aman's words. She left the kitchen and went back to the room to

a sigh of relief, and there was finally a cold light in his eyes, and the corner of his

well, this woman finally obeyed and got

her endless tenderness, and looked after her! - President , who was five stars in

the room and stared blankly at the finger Aman had bandaged for her. Her face was hot. "What... what does he mean? Why did he say that? If he doesn't want to eat my meal,

so, she was still a

I'm so tempted here. He doesn't want to eat the food you cooked. Don't forget what you saw in Emperor's office earlier

did not allow Chloe to cook,

to break the skylight

night in

several times in the

the European crystal chandelier, Aman's movements were very good-looking, not too fast or too slow. Every moment and every

looked at

whom she saw during the day. She hesitated for a moment

when she asked about it because they had a

enough, Aman's movements

you don't have to answer!" Chloe bowed her head and continued


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