Chloe Bishop finally understood the meaning of "Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you!"

A week later, Chloe that her whole body was hollowed out. Aman was a beast in bed.

In the morning, Aman came out of the bathroom and changed his clothes to tie his tie.

Chloe, who had been squeezed for a week, had no strength to scold him. She sat on the bed with her hands on her knees and looked at him. "Beast."

Aman stood in front of the mirror and looked at the resentful eyes of the girl behind him from the mirror. He smiled gently and said, "I'll take it as a compliment."

He quickly put on his tie, a white classy shirt, a black tie, and a pair of black trousers, which made him look as handsome as if he had a forbidden desire.

But only Chloe knew that he couldn't ever eat enough in bed...

"Why..." Chloe stared at him feebly. "Aren't you interested in men? Why are you doing this..."

During this week, Aman, who had always been busy with the Emperor Group, spent most of his time in the Ninth Dragon Villa.

"In the daytime and in the evening, all we do is plant seeds!"

If he really liked women, then the rumors outside would be false. However, she also saw Aman and Ragib ambiguous action in the Emperor Group's office that day.

Aman put on a suit, he took out a watch from the drawer and put it on his hand. He walked over and grabbed her chin and kissed her. "Well, you can continue to say that. I can ask for you every time you say it."

Chloe was shocked

She immediately stepped back and shook off his hand, which was holding her chin. "It's been a week. The love period is over. We have a pre-wedding agreement that you can't touch me."

Aman smiled and looked at the panic on her beautiful face. "Right."

Chloe swallowed and wrapped herself in the quilt with a white kiss.

"But next month," he said, "I'll be waiting." Chloe felt her heart skip a beat again.

"I'm going to the company, little girl." In the end, Aman said, "And you look very good when you sleep. If you are willing to sleep with me at any time in the future, I will definitely 'dote' on you."

In the end, when Chloe was stunned, Aman left the room with an evil smile.

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Madam, you must drink this water.

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"Oh, okay."


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our marriage has nothing to do with each other, why would he care

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it." Chloe said that she was defeated by them. "Forget it, forget it.

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